Andrew Jackson Jihad Tour

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Get ready for Andrew Jackson Jihad!

Phoenix folk-punk pioneers Andrew Jackson Jihad are prepping for a serious trek around the United States in support of the newest full-length, Christmas Island, starting March 18th.

Rounding out this killer lineup will be SideOneDummy label mates The Smith Street Band, former Bomb The Music Industry's leader Jeff Rosenstock, and Brooklyn's pop-punk finest Chumped. Don't miss it!

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Included In Digital Bundle
8 tracks to get you pumped about the tour.

Featuring Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock, and Chumped.

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Andrew Jackson Jihad
Christmas Island

Tracks courtesy of SideOneDummy.

Get AJJ's latest LP "Christmas Island" now at SideOneDummy Online now!

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  • 1. Do, Re, And Me
  • 2. Temple Grandin
The Smith Street Band
Throw Me In The River

Tracks courtesy of SideOneDummy.

Get Smith St.'s latest LP "Throw Me In The River" now at SideOneDummy Online now!

See tracklist
  • 1. Get High, See No One
  • 2. Surrender
Jeff Rosenstock
We Cool?

Tracks courtesy of SideOneDummy.

Pre-order Jeff's upcoming LP "We Cool?", now at SideOneDummy Online now! Release date: March 3rd, 2015

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  • 1. Nausea
  • 2. Hey Allison!
Teenage Retirement

Tracks courtesy of Anchorless Records.

Get Chumped's latest LP "Teenage Retirement" now at the Anchorless Records Store now!

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  • 1. Name That Thing
  • 2. Anywhere But Here