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Vinyl Bundle $49
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Load up your library with the Broken World Bundle!

Not since the Dream Team took the court at the 1992 Olympics have we seen a roster this outrageous. Broken World Media is home to some of the best emerging talent and we've got the bundle to prove it.

For a limited time, you can get 5 essential records from the Broken World catalogue including Rozwell Kid, Saintseneca, Posture & The Grizzly, Donovan Wolfington, and Brightside. Vinyl fans rejoice and grab this deal before it's sold out!

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The Breakdown Artists represented in this bundle take home 70% of your purchase!
Included In Vinyl Bundle
Included In Vinyl Bundle
5 Vinyl Records including:

Rozwell Kid Unmacho 12"
Saintseneca Grey Flag 12"
Posture & The Grizzly Busch Hymns 12"
Donovan Wolfington Stop Breathing 12"
Brightside Now and Loud 12"

Immediate Digital Downloads of 4 of the 5 Album

DRM-free MP3 & FLAC formats available (*except Saintseneca's "Grey Flag")

USA & International Shipping available! Shipping via Bad Timing Records begins as soon as this bundle sale period ends.
Rozwell Kid

"'Unmacho' is noisy and fun and the combination of those to attributes mean it gets a thumbs up from us."
– The Sound of Confusion

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  • 1. Bonehead
  • 2. Van Man
  • 3. Lipstick
  • 4. Unmacho
  • 5. Gumshoe
  • 6. Afterparty
  • 7. Chain Wallet
  • 8. Dirt Wave
  • 9. Guts
  • 10. Rozwell Man
Grey Flag

The band’s “Grey Flag” EP was recorded and tracked live within a single day. Originally released in 2010 on cassette by Paper Brigade and currently out of print, the EP is now re-released as a 12” LP, with a bonus program on the b-side featuring the band’s first S/T EP through Broken World Media.

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  • 1. Kill All Animals
  • 2. Roanoke
  • 3. The Worst Days
  • 4. Thunder Thief
  • 5. Grey Flag
  • 6. God Bones
  • 7. Shipwrecked
  • 8. No Names
  • 9. Water to Wine
Posture & The Grizzly
Busch Hymns

"Such energy, such a brilliant fusion of musical styles really draw me in and Busch Hymns has the passion, balls and don't-care punk charisma that you can't help but feel drawn to. Accidentally stumbling onto this may well be one of the biggest positives thus far in 2014."
– Punknews

See tracklist
  • 1. No Brains
  • 2. Because I Got High
  • 3. Sister Charles Marie
  • 4. Egg Nog Drunk Off of Hilary Duff's Piss
  • 5. Modern Punk
  • 6. You Know I Know What You Did Last Summer
  • 7. God's Drugs
  • 8. Jordan Michael's Space Jam
Donovan Wolfington
Stop Breathing

"It's only February but I know this is going to be in my headphones frequently for the rest of the year. This is fuzzy indie-punk loveliness that only comes along every so often."
– My Endless Minutes

See tracklist
  • 1. Die Alone
  • 2. Spencer Green
  • 3. Coca-Cola
  • 4. American Spirits
  • 5. Love Is Natural
  • 6. Ryan Rowley
  • 7. Zero
  • 8. Hell
  • 9. High Life
Now and Loud

"Instead, Brightside’s sophomore full-length, released by the ever-consistent Broken World Media, leans up against its calculated rough edges like the tent-poles they should be and delivers an album that feels equally nostalgic and au courant."
– Half Cloth

See tracklist
  • 1. Next Time, I'll Be Deadly Serious
  • 2. Next Time
  • 3. Curly Hair
  • 4. Circa 2006
  • 5. Jetpacks
  • 6. Stellar!!!
  • 7. No, But Remember?
  • 8. Speculose