Circa Survive Tour

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Circa Survive is hitting the road with Balance And Composure and CHON!

Hot off the release of their new album Descensus, Circa Survive is hitting the road for a series of shows with tour-mates Balance And Composure and CHON.

We known there's going to be no way to realistically prepare yourselves for the true epic nature of this tour, but we're going to try by offering a sweet free bundle of music. 2 songs from each band, downloaded for free, that will easily persuade you to purchase tickets and enjoy this show to the fullest.

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
6 tracks to get you pumped about the tour.

Featuring Circa Survive, Balance And Composure, and CHON.

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Circa Survive
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  • 1. Child of the Desert
  • 2. Sovereign Circle
Balance And Composure
All The Things We Think We're Missing
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  • 1. Parachutes
  • 2. Tiny Raindrops
See tracklist
  • 1. Story
  • 2. Can't Wait