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Trust us, you are not dreaming. This is a real tour and you can buy real tickets to go see it in real life.

New Jersey’s favorite two-piece, DADS, are embarking on their very first headlining US Tour and bringing along Tiny Moving Parts, Nai Harvest, and Choir Vandals. Definitely a killer lineup you don’t want to miss out on.

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
8 tracks to get you pumped about the tour.

Featuring Dads, Tiny Moving Parts, Nai Harvest, and Choir Vandals.

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Tracks courtesy of 6131 Records

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  • 1. “But” from I’ll Be The Tornado
  • 2. “Boat Rich” from Pretty Good
Tiny Moving Parts
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  • 1. “Always Focused” from Pleasant Living
  • 2. “Fair Trade” from Split with Old Gray
Nai Harvest

Appearing on dates 10/17-11/2

Tracks courtesy of Topshelf Records and Dog Knights.

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  • 1. “Hold Open My Head” from Hold Open My Head EP
  • 2. “Buttercups” from Buttercups Single
Choir Vandals

Appearing on dates 11/03-11/17

Tracks courtesy of 6131 Records.

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  • 1. “Monsters” from At Night (Out Oct 28th)
  • 2. “An Honest Conversation” from Darker Things