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Our good friends over at Downwrite are launching a tour to go with their brilliant fan-commissioned songwriting website and we couldn’t be more excited to feature it.

This tour will prove to be as intimate live as the Downwrite platform has become, connecting fans and artists in a truly unique way. If you’re not familiar with Downwrite, browse through their artist library and find out how you could have one of your favorite musicians write and record an original song – just for you! Check them out at

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12 tracks to get you pumped about the Tour running from May 2nd until May 17th.
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Matt Pryor

Get a custom recorded song by Matt HERE!

Tracks courtesy of Equal Vision Records

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  • 1. “Kinda Go To Pieces” from from Wrist Slitter
  • 2. “Words Get In The Way” from Wrist Slitter
Blue of Colors

Get a custom recorded song by Steve HERE!

Tracks courtesy of Blue of Colors

See tracklist
  • 1. “Watch Your Mouth” from Small Little Pieces
  • 2. “Goodbye Stranger” from from Small Little Pieces
Mark Rose

Get a custom recorded song by Mark HERE!

Tracks courtesy of Mark Rose

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  • 1. “Georgiana” from The Sound of a Turnaround
  • 2. “How Can You Believe In Me” from The Sound of a Turnaround
Bob Nanna
May 9th-17th

Get a custom recorded song by Bob HERE!

Tracks courtesy of Bob Nanna

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  • 1. “How A Helicopter Sounds” from In Formal Introduction
  • 2. “Pony’s Last Trick” from American Diary
Josh Berwanger
May 2nd-10th

Get a custom recorded song by Josh HERE!

Tracks courtesy of Good Land Records

See tracklist
  • 1. “Baby Loses Her Mind” from Strange Stains
  • 2. “Gypsy Girl and the Tombs of Atuan” from Strange Stains
Bonus Tracks!

Hear a track from special one-night only openers JT Woodruff from Hawthorn Heights playing May 15th and Lucas Carpenter playing May 3rd.

See tracklist
  • 1. “Candle On The Still Water” by JT Woodruff from Field Medicine
  • 2. “Frowny Face Away Message” by Lucas Carpenter from Evolution/Mystery