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When our friends at the Singles Club introduced us to New York upstart label Fire Talk Records, we knew we were in for a wild ride.

The Fire Talk Records Drop brings together 7 amazing releases with options for Digital and Vinyl including albums from Woodsman, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Tjutjuna, Campfires, Heaven’s Gate, Flower Orgy and Night Manager. We hope your music library is ready for the jumpstart it has been needing!

The Breakdown Artists represented in this bundle take home about 70% of your purchase!
Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital + Physical Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
Downloads of 48 songs from 7 releases!

Woodsman (Woodsman)
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk (Think Tone)
Campfires (Tomorrow, Tomorrow)
Flower Orgy (Our Song)
Heaven’s Gate (High Riser)
Night Manager (Pizza Pasta)
Tjutjuna (Westerner)

DRM-free MP3 & FLAC formats
Included In Digital + Physical Bundle
Downloads of 48 songs from 7 releases!

Woodsman (Woodsman) Vinyl 12”
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk (Think Tone) Vinyl 12” (Limited to 200 copies!)
Campfires (Tomorrow, Tomorrow) Vinyl 12” (Out of Print except for Soundsupply buyers!)
Flower Orgy (Our Song) Vinyl 7” (Limited to 150 copies!)
Heaven’s Gate (High Riser) Vinyl 7” (Limited to 200 copies!)
Night Manager (Pizza Pasta) Vinyl 7”
Tjutjuna (Westerner) Vinyl 12” (Limited to 200 copies)

DRM-free MP3 & FLAC formats
Includes Digital + all 7 albums on vinyl!
Worldwide shipping available!

"Woodsman can be raw and feral, more akin to the sounds cultivated by labelmates Tjutjuna—if not quite as hard and driving. The dissonant-soaked “Pre” borrows an exclamatory page from the ferocity of Lightning Bolt or, even, Buddy Rich before "Gravelines" settles on the crux of a gameplan: rolling, primitive rhythms bathed in circuitous guitar parts."
– Pitchfork

See tracklist
  • 1. Pre
  • 2. Gravelines
  • 3. In The End, Remember When?
  • 4. Healthy Life
  • 5. Rune
  • 6. Loose Leaf
  • 7. Obsidian
  • 8. All Tangled Up
  • 9. Teleseparation
Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk
Think Tone

"When the band flying is in the air, so to speak, the melodies are lush and inviting, the vocals suitably slurry, and there’s something here to really latch on to. That makes Think Tone a varying success, but, hey, if you like latter day Animal Collective, there’s something here that you’ll clearly want to discover and Think Tone goes down a rabbit hole that’s worth investigating."
– Pop Matters

See tracklist
  • 1. What Am I Doing With My Life?
  • 2. Saturday
  • 3. KGB
  • 4. Let's Listen To Souvlaki and Make Out
  • 5. I've Been Thinking A Lot About The Universe
  • 6. Burt
Tomorrow, Tomorrow

"On his newest record, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Walls refines a lot of what he infected us with on 2011’s Slaughter Tropes. Less about frantic tambourine shaking and more focused on palatable, toe-tapping rhythms, Tomorrow, Tomorrow’s foundation is built squarely on consistency and availability."
– Consequence of Sound

See tracklist
  • 1. If The Darkness Were to Bend
  • 2. Fortune Teller
  • 3. Simple Things
  • 4. Acre Looks
  • 5. Time for a Ride
  • 6. Rye Lovers Sword
  • 7. Jeux et Jouet
  • 8. The Lighted Avenues
  • 9. Glass Arrows
  • 10. Lamplighter
  • 11. Bayonet
  • 12. Tomorrow, Tomorrow
  • 13. Gone Country Dream (for Bill Doss)
Flower Orgy
Our Song

"You could call this a summer anthem, but that implies that there's some deeper mission statement here beyond just extremely appealing easy living. "Our Song" makes a great case for not wanting anything else."
– Fader

See tracklist
  • 1. Our Song
  • 2. You Don't Need Me
  • 3. Stranded
Heaven’s Gate
High Riser

"With the High Riser EP, Heaven's Gate have broken from their Sweet Bulbs shell to reveal the nearly fully formed hawk within. The EP and band have come out with an aggressive first release, with a near laser like focus on their own style of indie-rock and shoegaze. It feel volatile and new, especially within a genre where it seems like that doesn't happen enough."
– The Creative Intersection

See tracklist
  • 1. Pray
  • 2. Pogo
  • 3. Salome
  • 4. Jesus Hair
  • 5. Weakness Worms
  • 6. Skin Weed
  • 7. Sea Swings
Night Manager
Pizza Pasta

"Night Manager hearts the 90’s. If you also heart the 90’s, especially the first few years of the decade, when boy-girl guitar bands played distortion-drenched melodic rock while staring at their pedal boards, you will find much to love about Pizza Pasta. Night Manager has an obvious affection for amorphous soundscapes of Slowdive (if you don’t believe me, just look at the cover art), which they take respectable stabs at recreating on the sugary “Cosmonaut” and shimmery title tune."
– Get Bent!

See tracklist
  • 1. Pizza Pasta
  • 2. Cosmonaut
  • 3. Air Jordan

"Tjutjuna is entrancing me with this new track off of their upcoming LP Westerner. “Mousetrap” is the perfect name for this song as it really feels like it’s closing in on me the longer it goes on. The way guitars and depth build is a big part of the feeling of being surrounded by sounds. Mogwai is what comes to mind with what I’m hearing especially in a lot of the sounds that Tjutjuna has put together."
– The Needle

See tracklist
  • 1. Mousetrap
  • 2. Heavy Metal Dick
  • 3. Montauk
  • 4. Harry Krishna
  • 5. Desert Song
  • 6. Songer Dance
  • 7. Oneironaut