Ivan & Alyosha

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A new bundle curated by Seattle's Ivan & Alyosha.

Ivan & Alyosha are an indie folk band from Seattle that we’ve had our eyes and ears on for a long time. They’re labelmates to bands like The Lumineers and Soundsupply alumni, Colour Revolt and Fort Atlantic, and we wanted to not just include their music in a Drop, but to have them bring along some of their equally talented friends.

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
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Ivan & Alyosha
All The Times We Had

“While the blueprint of starting songs with sparse accompaniment and gradually building to resounding sing-along levels isn’t exactly fresh, the music is so well written that it avoids sounding like a cliché.”
– American Songwriter

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  • 1. Be Your Man
  • 2. Fathers Be Kind
  • 3. Easy To Love
  • 4. Running For Cover
  • 5. The Fold
  • 6. On My Way
  • 7. Don’t Wanna To Die Anymore
  • 8. God Or Man
  • 9. All The Times We Had
  • 10. Falling
  • 11. Who Are You
Deep Sea Diver
History Speaks

“Jessica Dobson plays guitar in the newest incarnation of The Shins, James Mercer's well-known outlet for supremely precious, sweetly self-effacing indie-pop. With her band Deep Sea Diver and its first album History Speaks, Dobson assembles a complex, precisely arranged and lyrically pensive suite of songs about heartbreak and yearning. The result is no less fun or toe-tappable than the product of her more famous day job, but it also achieves tremendous density and depth in its own right.”

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  • 1. Ships
  • 2. Weekend Wars
  • 3. NWO
  • 4. The Watchmen
  • 5. You Go Running
  • 6. Keep It Moving
  • 7. Why Must A Man Change
  • 8. Tracks of the Green Line
  • 9. History Speaks
Bronze Radio Return
Up, On & Over

“…a super-peppy 13-track offering to soothe what collectively ails us. The disc will prove especially satisfying to those that like their roots-pop tidy and tight, but fear not – folks that venture out to see them this fall will find that the band delivers an impressive wallop when playing live.”
– American Songwriter

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  • 1. Up, On & Over
  • 2. Mister, Mister
  • 3. Further On
  • 4. Rather Never Know
  • 5. Melting in My Icebox
  • 6. All In
  • 7. Soon As I Fall
  • 8. World Spin, Home Spun
  • 9. Thick and Thin
  • 10. M.O.T.R. (Middle of the Road)
  • 11. Above, Below
  • 12. Gilded Lily
  • 13. Sylvan
Campfire OK
When You Have Arrived

“This delightful multi-layered, acoustic-driven offering really caught me off guard and within a short period of time it burrowed deep into my noggin, staying with me for most of the day. Banjos, trumpets, and various other instruments weave together creating a musical tapestry that is quite the listening experience and has quickly become my go-to disc.”
– Pure Grain Audio

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  • 1. 2 + 3
  • 2. My Dear Friends
  • 3. Wishing You The Best
  • 4. Fireworks At Night
  • 5. New Tradition
  • 6. Pretty and Kind
  • 7. Whereabouts
  • 8. Orange Grove
  • 9. Wooden Queen (feat. Melodie Knight)
  • 10. When You Have Arrived
  • 11. Smoke Out Your Eyes (feat. Melodie Knight)
  • 12. Our Hearts Beat Light (To An Orange Grove)
All Is Here

“The band has an infectious, charming and uber melodic indie-pop sound with jangly guitars and a driving rhythm section reminiscent of The Cranberries. Below, download ‘Stay With You.’”
– The Key

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  • 1. Love Me Good
  • 2. Stay With You
  • 3. Liars
  • 4. Dreamers
  • 5. Didn't Have a Clue
  • 6. Gravity's Ply
  • 7. Gypsies & Sinners
  • 8. A Little Afraid
  • 9. All Is Here
  • 10. Can't Get You Off My Mind
  • 11. July
  • 12. Slowly from the Earth
The Kaleidoscope

“Seattle dream-pop duo, Lemolo, has captured the beauty of simplicity with their long awaited debut LP, The Kaleidoscope. These two women have taken the dream-pop genre hostage and made it entirely their own; the group boasts two members with handfuls of talent: Meagan Grandall leads with pure and clear vocals, while Kendra Cox holds things down on percussion (both play keys).”
– The Owl Magazine

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  • 1. Knives
  • 2. Beautiful Night
  • 3. Move Me
  • 4. Letters
  • 5. Whale Song
  • 6. Open Air
  • 7. On Again, Off Again
  • 8. Tracing
  • 9. Who Loves
  • 10. We Felt The Fall
  • 11. he Wind
Pacific Gold

“These guys mix heavenly Beach Boys vocals with old hymns (and Lou Reed) and the result is consistently great.”

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  • 1. Sweet Rivers of Redeeming Love
  • 2. Face to Face
  • 3. Father Winter In His Heart of Gloom)
  • 4. I’m Set Free (Velvet Underground cover)
Myths, Vol. 1-3

“Seattle based six-piece Pickwick is creating a local buzz as leaders of the soul revival, and their first few in a series of 7” were recently self-released. Prior to their breakthrough as a soulful pop band, Pickwick explored alt-country and folk, never quite hitting their stride. Following the release of the first single “Hacienda Motel” (aka Myths: Vol. 1), which won airplay on the internationally acclaimed radio station KEXP, the band found a new audience and have gone on to issue Myths: Vol. 2 (“The Round”) and Vol. 3 (“Limelight”). With lead Galen Disston and Grammy Award winner Kory Kruckenberg (Damien Jurado, The Maldives) on their side, Pickwick is a band to watch.”
– Record Dept.

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  • 1. Hacienda Motel
  • 2. When Rosa Speaks
  • 3. The Round
  • 4. Staged Names
  • 5. Limelight
  • 6. Blackout
Colony House

“After setting out under the name Caleb, the Franklin, Tennessee rock trio fronted by Caleb Chapman is now known as Colony House. While some changes are merely superficial, this inventive, self-titled EP shows that the potential of this once-promising outfit has been realized. Consider this a strong sampling that whets the appetite for a full-length due later this year.”

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  • 1. Keep On Keeping On
  • 2. Waiting for My Time to Come
  • 3. Only You
Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn
Pieces We Are

“Pieces We Are has a monumental sound, with interesting string and orchestral arrangements that showcase specific instruments and a full choir to take the music to a new level. The emotion in Orlowski's vocals shines through in the track, "I Will Go," and Joslyn's violin solo on "In Between Days" showcases his wonderful talent as a musician. The final track, "Mountains," is a ballad-like piece with harmonious instrumentation and an uplifting chorus; this one's my personal favorite.”
– Indie Army

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  • 1. All My People Go
  • 2. Cables
  • 3. I Will Go
  • 4. In Between Days
  • 5. Mountains