The Jazz June

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The Jazz June
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Every album from indie pioneers The Jazz June for just $12!

After a 10 year absence, The Jazz June recently released their comeback album After The Earthquake on Topshelf Records. To imagine that there's a music library out there without their entire catalogue is too much for our music hearts to take. If that's you, we have the perfect solution.

For a limited time, get every single album from The Jazz June for just $12 including their new full-length (produced by Into It. Over It.'s Evan Weiss), their recent split with Dikembe, their must-own 2000 album The Medicine and more!

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
7 Digital Albums including:

The Jazz June After The Earthquake (2014)
The Jazz June Split with Dikembe (2014)
The Jazz June Better Off Without Air (2002)
The Jazz June The Medicine (2000)
The Jazz June Breakdance Suburbia (1998)
The Jazz June The Boom, the Motion, and the Music (1998)
The Jazz June They Love Those Who Make Music (1997)

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After The Earthquake
After The Earthquake

"After The Earthquake is embracingly open (produced with characteristic crispness by Into It. Over It. leader Evan Weiss), almost free-form in its partly-cloudy, warm aesthetic, a humid counterpart to the chilliness of Better Off Without Air."
– Halfcloth

See tracklist
  • 1. Over Underground
  • 2. After The Earthquake
  • 3. With Honors
  • 4. It Came Back
  • 5. Edge of Space
  • 6. Stuck On Repeat
  • 7. Ain't It Strange
  • 8. Nothing To See Here
  • 9. Short Changed
  • 10. Two Floors Down
Split with Dikembe
Split with Dikembe

"Whatever happened in the intervening years, "Over Underground" isn't the scrappy, nails-dug-in emo of The Jazz June's past, but rather the kind of song Built to Spill might have written if it had gone power-pop."

See tracklist
  • 1. Dikembe - Healer of the Pride
  • 2. The Jazz June - Over Underground
Better Without Air
Better Without Air

"Utterly unwilling to concern itself with strictures of genre...Better Off Without Air moves from icy post-hardcore algebra to synth-laden daydream spaces to wide-open alt-country, sometimes over the course of the same song. "
– Halfcloth

See tracklist
  • 1. Drugs And Models
  • 2. Hate Bass
  • 3. We've Got Your Situation
  • 4. Shots Fired
  • 5. Uptown Explosion
  • 6. Better Off Without Air
  • 7. Dual Symmetry
  • 8. These Pills Won't Calm Your Nerves
  • 9. Stings A Bitch
  • 10. Benny Clarks Can
  • 11. Red Bank Blues
  • 12. Over & Over
  • 13. The Submarine Song
Breakdance Suburbia
Breakdance Suburbia

A collection of previously released 7-inch and compilation track material from Pennsylvania's melodic-rock favorites including B-sides and rarities.

See tracklist
  • 1. Burned Out Bright
  • 2. Silver Dollar
  • 3. The Teenage Fight Song
  • 4. Russians Part 2
  • 5. Antiquanted
  • 6. Nothing
  • 7. Signal
  • 8. Bleach In Your Eyes
  • 9. At The Artist's Leisure
  • 10. D3po
The Medicine
The Medicine

"That certain feeling you get when you know something is truly profound and it just amazes you on how not many know it. In this case, it's the music of the Jazz June and, in particular, their 2000 album, The Medicine."
– Punknews

See tracklist
  • 1. Viva la Speed Metal
  • 2. Scars To Prove It
  • 3. Excerpt
  • 4. Phone Works Both Ways
  • 5. The Medicine
  • 6. At The Artist's Leisure Part 2
  • 7. Motorhead's Roadie
  • 8. Death From Above
  • 9. Fight Like Sinatra
  • 10. Get On The Bus
  • 11. Balance
The Boom, The Motion and The Music
The Boom, The Motion and The Music

"Don't know if many other emo rock bands have 4 guitarists, and this lot make it work by playing all those nifty melodies and stuff all at the same time, thus creating some wonderfully complex and powerful, yet at the same time fragile, songs. "
– Collective Zine

See tracklist
  • 1. When The Drums Kick In
  • 2. Burn In Hell
  • 3. Bullets In The Backpocket
  • 4. Drop The Bomb
  • 5. His Statue Falls
They Love Those Who Make The Music
They Love Those Who Make The Music

"When an indie rock band can match any hardcore act pound for pound on intensity and emotion, you know you have something special. Originally out of print on the now defunct Workshop Records, This is the Jazz June record that set the stage for the other amazing albums to come."
– Punknews

See tracklist
  • 1. Low End Automatic
  • 2. Red Light District
  • 3. When In Rome
  • 4. Rich Kid Shakedown
  • 5. Tranintrumentalism
  • 6. La Villanelle
  • 7. The Oncoming
  • 8. The Possibilities Are Endless
  • 9. Day 7
  • 10. Falling Asleep On Lincoln Drive