Joan of Arc

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Joan of Arc
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The essential Joan Of Arc collection is here!

We hope your collection has room for some new favorite albums because we're teaming up with Jade Tree and Polyvinyl Records to offer the best of Chicago's Joan Of Arc.

From the mastermind of Tim Kinsella & Company., we've assembled 6 amazing albums from JOA's catalogue, plus share the news of this bundle online after your purchase and you'll get a free download of Tim Kinsella's sonic exploration, Pine Cone!

The Breakdown Artists represented in this bundle take home 70% of your purchase!
Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
6 Digital Albums including:

Joan of Arc Life Like (2011)
Joan of Arc Boo Human (2008)
Joan of Arc Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain... (2004)
Joan of Arc A Portable Model Of... (1997)
Joan of Arc How Memory Works (1998)
Joan of Arc Live, In Chicago (1999)

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Life Like
Life Like

"Life Like sees the band strip down to its core of bass, drums and guitars. Gone are the electronic flourishes, the sampling and studio experimentation of previous outings; the Joan Of Arc of Life Like are a taut rock outfit, with no time for messing around."
– Drowned In Sound

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  • 1. I Saw the Messed Binds of My Generation
  • 2. Love Life
  • 3. Like Minded
  • 4. Life Force
  • 5. Night Life Style
  • 6. Howdy Pardoner
  • 7. Still Life
  • 8. Deep State
  • 9. After Life
Boo! Human
Boo! Human

"The point being: Tim Kinsella and co. seem much more interested in crafting aurally pleasing songs on Boo! Human instead of being the weirdly caustic anti-firebrands of something or another."
– Tiny Mixtapes

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  • 1. Shown and Told
  • 2. Laughter Reflected Back
  • 3. Just Pack or Unpack
  • 4. 9/11 2
  • 5. A Tell-Tale Penis
  • 6. Everywhere I Go I Know Laughs and Says I Told You So
  • 7. Vine on a Wire
  • 8. Insects Don't Eat Bananas
  • 9. Lying and Cheating and Chasing You Around
  • 10. If There Was a Time #1
  • 11. The Surrender #1
  • 12. If There Was a Time #2
  • 13. The Surrender #2
  • 14. So-And-So
Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain...
Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain...

"By refuting the notion that the listener's hand must be held at all times, Joan of Arc have produced one of the more difficult and ultimately rewarding musical statements of the year. "
– Stylus Magazine

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  • 1. Questioning Benjamin Franklin's Ghost
  • 2. Apocalypse Politics
  • 3. The Title Track Of This Album
  • 4. Queasy Lynn
  • 5. White And Wrong
  • 6. Onomatopoepic Animal Faces
  • 7. A Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
  • 8. 80's Dance Parties Most Of All
  • 9. Deep Rush
  • 10. Gripped By The Lips
  • 11. Fleshy Jeffrey
  • 12. Abigail, Cops And Animals
  • 13. "Still" From Miss Kate's Texture Dictionary
  • 14. The Details Of The Bomb
  • 15. I Trust A Litter Of Kittens Still Keeps The Colosseum
  • 16. The Telephones Have Begun Making Calls
  • 17. The Cash In And Price
A Portable Model Of...
A Portable Model Of...

The first of several high-flying conceptual works to come from the JOAN OF ARC compound is a eminently eclectic affair – organic and electronic, ironic and earnest, familiar, yet wholly irregular. It’s a balance that allows this Chicago-based group to walk on the fringe without being swallowed by it.

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  • 1. I Love A Woman (Who Loves Me)
  • 2. The Hands
  • 3. Anne Aviary
  • 4. Let's Wrestle
  • 5. Romulans! Romulans!
  • 6. Post Coitus Rock
  • 7. Count To A Thousand
  • 8. How Wheeling Feels
  • 9. In Pompeii
  • 10. Caliban
  • 11. In Pamplona
  • 12. I Was Born
  • 13. (I Love A Woman) Who Loves Me
How Memory Works
How Memory Works

"Almost 10 years after its release, How Memory Works remains as Tim Kinsella's most impressive effort and a near-perfect fusion of pretty, subdued indie rock with electronic ideas."
– Sputnik Muisc

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  • 1. Honestly Now
  • 2. Gin & Platonic
  • 3. To've Had Two Of
  • 4. This Life Cumulative
  • 5. A Pale Orange
  • 6. White Out
  • 7. So Open: Hooray!
  • 8. A Name
  • 9. Osmosis Doesn't Work
  • 10. God Bless America
  • 11. A Party Able Model Of
Live, in Chicago
Live, in Chicago

It’s not really a live album, but it’s certainly an experience. Four months of studio time culminate in thirteen interwoven tracks that ultimately find Tim Kinsella’s inceptive lyrical style and primarily acoustic backdrop breathing comfortably alongside the band’s well-documented fetish for electronic embellishment.

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  • 1. It's Easier To Drink On An Empty Stomach Than Eat On A Broken Heart
  • 2. Who's Afraid Of Elizabeth Taylor?
  • 3. If It Feels / Good, Do It
  • 4. Live In Chicago, 1999
  • 5. (I'm 5 Senses) None Of Them Common
  • 6. Me (Plural)
  • 7. I'm Certainly Not Pleased With My Options For The Future
  • 8. When The Parish School Dismisses And The Children Running Sing
  • 9. Thanks For Chicago, Mr. James
  • 10. (In Fact I'm) Pioneering New Emotions
  • 11. Better De'd Than Read
  • 12. Sympathy For The Rolling Stones
  • 13. All Until The Greens Reveal Themselves At Dawn
Pine Cone

Written, Recorded, and Edited at home over an intense two week period in isolation meditating on a Pinecone, Pine Cone is a (mostly) instrumental sonic analogy of the form of a Pinecone.

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  • 1. Side A (19:40)
  • 2. Side B (19:34)