Light Years & Head North Tour

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See four exciting, emerging bands on one amazing tour!

The summer tour circuit is getting a jumpstart with this massive lineup of talent. A super sweet package of bands including Head North, Light Years, A Will Away, and Casey Bolles.

From start to finish a killer tour, which rightful deserves a matching Tour Drop. Get 7 songs from bands on this tour now for free! Download it. Love it. Go support this tour.

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
7 tracks to get you pumped about the tour.

Featuring Light Years, Head North, A Will Away, and Casey Bolles.

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Light Years - Temporary
Light Years
Animal Style Records
See tracklist
  • 1. Temporary
  • 2. Late at Night
Head North - Bloodlines
Head North
See tracklist
  • 1. The Planet
  • 2. Bluejay
A Will Away

See tracklist
  • 1. My Sitter
  • 2. Cheap Wine
Casey Bolles

See tracklist
  • 1. Inside Voices