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From their popular annual Vinyl Subscriptions to being one of the first labels to partner with Soundsupply, No Sleep Records have embraced and created new ways to engage fans and break bands.

We’re excited to offer to this collection of some of their finest releases, and for the first time in Soundsupply history, on a wide variety to formats including digital, vinyl and CD.

The Breakdown Artists represented in this bundle take home about 70% of your purchase!
Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
All 10 albums on your choice of Digital, Vinyl or CD
All purchases come with an immediate download of MP3 & FLAC DRM-free formats
Vinyl & CD options available in the US only. $7 shipping for vinyl. $5 shipping for CD's. (Media Mail)
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La Dispute

“Wildlife is an expert balancing act between these two sides of La Dispute’s personality. On one hand, you have churning post-hardcore driven by Jordan Dreyer’s percussive vocals (“Harder Harmonies”) and straightforward aggressive rock à la Small Brown Bike (“Edit Your Hometown”). Conversely, more than a few tracks distinctly conjure up modern-day Radiohead (the acoustic stomp of “A Broken Jar,” the jazzy, fragile first half of “Safer In The Forest/Love Song For Poor Michigan”).
– Alternative Press

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  • 1. A Departure
  • 2. Harder Harmonies
  • 3. St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues
  • 4. Edit Your Hometown
  • 5. A Letter
  • 6. Safer in the Forest/Love Song for Poor Michigan
  • 7. The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit
  • 8. A Poem
  • 9. King Park
  • 10. Edward Benz, 27 Times
  • 11. I See Everything
  • 12. A Broken Jar
  • 13. All Our Bruised Bodies...
  • 14. You and I in Unison
The Wonder Years
Sleeping On Trash

“Song wise, these were the songs that made me fall in love with The Wonder Years. Songs like “Won’t Be Pathetic Forever” and “You’re Not Salinger. Get over It.” were exactly what they types of songs I had been looking for when they were released, and they still hold up today.”
– Under The Gun Review

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  • 1. Match & Tinder
  • 2. Award of the Year Award
  • 3. Strong Island!
  • 4. Regional Dialect
  • 5. House Address
  • 6. A Different Kind of Kindling
  • 7. Rock Springs
  • 8. You & Me & Me
  • 9. Gray Matter
  • 10. Better to Best!
  • 11. Match & Tinder
  • 12. Award of the Year Award
  • 13. Strong Island!
  • 14. Regional Dialect
  • 15. House Address
  • 16. A Different Kind of Kindling
  • 17. Rock Springs
  • 18. You & Me & Me
Into It. Over It.

“Virtually the entire album is a full-band affair, and the bulk of these songs are straight-up rippers. Time signatures shift on a dime a la vintage Braid (“Fortunate Friends”), while songs are stacked with angular, Mock Orange-esque riffage (“An Evening With Ramsey Beyer”) and even a pick slide or two (“Discretion & Depressing People”). Proper doesn’t lack in energy, enthusiasm, passion or hook.”
– Alternative Press

See tracklist
  • 1. Embracing Facts
  • 2. Discretion & Depressing People
  • 3. Fortunate Friends
  • 4. No Good Before Noon
  • 5. Write It Right
  • 6. Midnight: Carroll Street
  • 7. Connecticut Steps
  • 8. Staring At The Ceiling
  • 9. An Evening With Ramsey Beyer
  • 10. Where Your Nights Often End
  • 11. P R O P E R
  • 12. The Frames That Used To Greet Me
Balance and Composure

“As all great records do, this album finds its niche and thrives there. Throughout time, the role of this record might shift as both Balance & Composure and its listeners grow older, but the quality of Separation will make it forever relevant.”
– Absolute Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. Void
  • 2. Separation
  • 3. Quake
  • 4. Stonehands
  • 5. I Tore You Apart In My Head
  • 6. Galena
  • 7. Fade
  • 8. Progress, Progress
  • 9. More To Me
  • 10. Echo
  • 11. Patience
  • 12. Defeat The Low
Former Thieves
The Language That We Speak

“Iowa's Former Thieves arrive with their debut LP, and it's a noisy affair. The Language That We Speak changes from fast, aggressive hardcore to droning, darkly melodic interludes with little warning. It's an impressive debut.”
– Kill Your Stereo

See tracklist
  • 1. Dead Horses are Turned into Glue
  • 2. I Can't Get There From Here
  • 3. Brilliant Exceptions
  • 4. Trust Fund Kids
  • 5. First World Blues
  • 6. Everything has a Price, Everything is Stolen
  • 7. Pacemaker Trendsetter
  • 8. What's Real and What's Not
  • 9. Bad Friends
  • 10. The Language That We Speak
Allison Weiss
Say What You Mean

“And one of the more impressive things about Say What You Mean is Weiss’ ability to stretch her songwriting to give each track its own distinct vibe that keeps the album fresh over multiple listens. Without straying too far from basic pop songwriting tropes, Weiss covers an impressive amount of ground on this album. While the first half sticks mostly to standard pop-rock/pop-punk songs, the latter portion adds a little more variety with songs like the aforementioned country-inspired ‘Wait for Me’ or the more aggressive rocker ‘Hole in Your Heart.’”
– Paste Magazine

See tracklist
  • 1. Making It Up
  • 2. One Way Love
  • 3. Nothing Left
  • 4. I Was An Island
  • 5. How To Be Alone
  • 6. Wait For Me
  • 7. Don't Go
  • 8. Hole In Your Heart
  • 9. Say What You Mean
  • 10. I'll Be Okay
Teenage Haze

“I think it's a great album to be blindsided by and it's a great touchstone for No Sleep to add to their roster...yet again. The sonic signature left is burning from Departures, and I can safely say, this is gonna be on repeat until the New Year. It's no doubt a contender for record of the year.”
– Punk News

See tracklist
  • 1. Drained Out
  • 2. Making Maps
  • 3. 21
  • 4. The Home Stretch
  • 5. Teenage Haze
  • 6. Those Miles Meant Everything
  • 7. Where The Time Will Go
  • 8. Planting Weeds
  • 9. Small Steps
The Casket Lottery
Real Fear

“Real Fear is a dynamic record which demonstrates the bands willingness to experiment and explore darker themes. They have transitioned smoothly from a three piece to a five piece band whilst retaining their distinctive sound and identity. This record will satisfy current fans of The Casket Lottery and hopefully attract some new ones.”
– Venture Magazine

See tracklist
  • 1. Blood on the Handle
  • 2. In the Branches
  • 3. Poor Dorian
  • 4. The Moon and The Tide
  • 5. Sarastro
  • 6. Pamina
  • 7. Ghost Whiskey
  • 8. Baptistina
  • 9. The Door
  • 10. Radiation Bells
  • 11. Real Fear
Even On The Worst Nights

“Even On The Worst Nights is a surprisingly varied and remarkably well-put-together album. The members have a very good idea of what they want to do, more than enough skill to do it, and they even managed to get a killer production job.”
– Sputnik Music

See tracklist
  • 1. Seven Mile
  • 2. Something Better
  • 3. Hey Ma PT. 2
  • 4. Even on the Worst Nights
  • 5. You Must Not Be From Around Here
  • 6. You & I
  • 7. I'm Wearing the Device (Bridge, Water)
  • 8. I'll Give You A Hint, Yes
  • 9. Russian House DJ
  • 10. Anyways
  • 11. Indian Summer
  • 12. One for the Ozarks
  • 13. Just When You Thought It Was Over
  • 14. Golden Sometimes
  • 15. Basement Manners
  • 16. Mt. Hope
Our Home Is A Deathbed

“On my first listen I found myself trying to keep up and pay attention to the ruthless drumming, break-neck guitar playing and vicious vocals. I love how the guitars are tense when they need to be but they are also ambient in all the right places. I’m also really impressed with the diversity Xerxes puts into this record, because sometimes bands like this I find tend to have their songs blend together. This is not the case with Our Home is a Deathbed at all.”
– Under The Gun Review

See tracklist
  • 1. Wake
  • 2. Sleep
  • 3. Tide/This Place As A Prison
  • 4. Suburban Asphalt
  • 5. Fever Dream
  • 6. Summer Storms/Winter Leaves
  • 7. February
  • 8. Our City As A Floodplain
  • 9. Funeral Home
  • 10. Sleepwalking With You
  • 11. Our Home Is A Deathbed