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The “Post-rock” subgenre means different things to different people, but we can all agree that Deep Elm Records is one of best places to find it.

Their latest batch of bands showcases the broad spectrum that uses, as critic Simon Reynolds put it, “rock instrumentation for non-rock purposes.” Whether you’re a post-rock evangelist or you have no idea what post-rock is, this Drop is the perfect addition or beginning to your collection.

The Breakdown Artists represented in this bundle take home about 70% of your purchase!
Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
Downloads of 10 full length albums!
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Lights & Motion

"Lights & Motion has created a vibrant beauty in Reanimation, the likes of which hasn't been seen in post-rock for many years...with gentle cascading piano and lilting strings echoing through the empty night, I can't imagine a snowflake having a better soundtrack for descent...consistent beauty filling my mind with improbable dreams. It's damn near perfection."
– Sputnik Music

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  • 1. Requiem
  • 2. Home
  • 3. Aerials
  • 4. Drift
  • 5. The March
  • 6. Victory Rose
  • 7. Epilogue
  • 8. Fractured
  • 9. Texas
  • 10. Faded Fluorescence
  • 11. Departure
  • 12. Reanimation
  • 13. Dream Away
Dreamer On The Run

"Want you all to know and appreciate U137. Dreamer on the Run is the Swedish duo's debut album, and it is gorgeous, luscious, Explosions in the Sky-tier cinematic post-rock. It's a lot like Lights & Motion's stellar effort 'Reanimation' from earlier this year. If bright, sunny, huge-yet-digestible post-rock tickles your fancy, listen to Dreamer on the Run."
– Decoy

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  • 1. The Poet
  • 2. Watching The Storm
  • 3. Pearl Lakes
  • 4. Let Me Keep This Memory
  • 5. Varberg
  • 6. Midsummer Field
  • 7. Anemone
  • 8. Sliding Doors
  • 9. The Nostalgic Tune
  • 10. Dreamer On The Run
Moonlit Sailor
So Close To Life

"Suddenly busy-again Deep Elm Records has a winner in the new release from Sweden's post-rock, instrumental atmospherists Moonlit Sailor. Recommended if you like 90's emo without the whiny, ultra-thin male singer who inevitably curls himself into a ball on stage during each and every performance."
– PastePunk

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  • 1. Sunbeams
  • 2. Hope
  • 3. Landvetter
  • 4. New Zealand
  • 5. Fresh Snow
  • 6. A Week Without Sunlight
  • 7. The Cheers On The Parade
  • 8. 1994
  • 9. Waiting For Nothing
About Everything And More

"Look out all you post-rock instrumental bands. There is a group coming out of Sweden to rival the best bands like Explosions in the Sky and Envy! They are called Dorena. Do yourself a favor and check out their incredible new Deep Elm release, About Everything And More."
– Music Emissions

See tracklist
  • 1. The Morning Bus
  • 2. From The Window Of My Room
  • 3. At Sea
  • 4. In Silence
  • 5. We'll Never Meet This Young Again
  • 6. Stars In The Ceiling
  • 7. Never Alone, Always Lonesome
  • 8. Let Us Live
Our Lost Infantry
The New Art History

"Top 5 Albums of 2012: In their debut release, Our Lost Infantry reaffirms the innovations of post-rock, blending the standards of the genre with stadium rock, opera and folk. The result is a delightfully complex and emotional work, one channeling the anger of a disillusioned generation into the hopes of something better."
– Muzik Dizkovery

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  • 1. Kenning
  • 2. Fearless
  • 3. The Tremors
  • 4. All The Streetlights Of My Hometown
  • 5. Avogadro
  • 6. To Meet Your Maker
  • 7. The Hollow
  • 8. Howl
  • 9. Day After Day
Why Aren’t I Home?

“Athletics are a powerful tour de force of post-rock that is refreshing, rare and captivating. Athletics deserve all the praise they receive for 'Why Aren't I Home?', as it is simply that album that does not disappoint from start to finish. [5 / 5]"
– Alter The Press

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  • 1. Why Aren't I Home?
  • 2. See You On The Other Side
  • 3. Fairview
  • 4. Jordan
  • 5. Speaking For Everyone
  • 6. I Am Withdrawal
  • 7. Lullaby
  • 8. August
  • 9. It's Night, It's Enough
  • 10. Affliction
  • 11. The Cost of Living
Goonies Never Say Die
In A Forest Without Trees

"Bursting with promise from every orifice (I'm not kidding), "In A Forest Without Trees" may finish 2009 as the year's most unexpected post-rock hit. Goonies Never Say Die accomplished the simple task of channeling vastly different emotions without words. That actually sounds pretty hard, but maybe it's just that it sounds easy coming from them. A chainsawing guitar here, a soft lull there; In A Forest Without Trees is a true journeyman's album. It has a song for pretty much any mood you might find yourself trapped within. Mixtape Immortality, here we come!"
– AbsolutePunk

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  • 1. Intro
  • 2. This One Took Forever
  • 3. Don't Fight The Fire, Fuck The Arsonist
  • 4. Everyone Comes To Life
  • 5. Get All Your Ducks In A Row
  • 6. Sometimes It's Not So Bad
  • 7. The Scene Where Everyone Dies
  • 8. When Middle Eights Migrate
  • 9. Say That It's Something
  • 10. I Know, I Know, I Know
Last Lungs
Look At That Old Grizzly Bear

"Hailing from Preston, down-tempo instrumental rock merchants Last Lungs showcase on their debut a penchant for post-rock, presenting forth for your delectation a perfectly pitched sonic marriage of all things chiming, whimsical and dynamically crushing. Balancing within their sound the heart of This Will Destroy You with the brute force of And So I Watch You From Afar, Last Lungs deliver the ten tracks here with pure uncontaminated feeling, eliciting the sort of emotional response from the listener only the best post-rock bands can. This is a band with massive potential. For Fans Of: This Will Destroy You, And So I Watch You From Afar, Capulet."
– RockSound UK

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  • 1. Oh, Good Morning
  • 2. 33
  • 3. Look At That Old Grizzly Bear
  • 4. Inglend, Part 1
  • 5. Inglend, Part 2
  • 6. Inglend, Part 3
  • 7. Wax & Wane
  • 8. Kaleidoscope
  • 9. Now Against The Staircase, Part 1
  • 10. Now Against The Staircase, Part 2
The Coma Recovery

"One of the most stunning records of the year. Comes out of nowhere and knocks you on your ass."
– PunkNews

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  • 1. Red Lightning Child / Great Emptiness
  • 2. Liberator
  • 3. Opener
  • 4. Goddverb
  • 5. Illuminator
The Dandelion War
We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes

"Overall, The Dandelion War are an unbelievably talented band. We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes is as a close to a perfect post-rock album as you can get. However, this is an album for all music fans. The Dandelion War crafts music that is accessible to anyone who's ever listened to and liked guitar music. The songwriting is quite amazing considering the age of the band and The Dandelion War are clearly talented people. Simply beautiful."
– Absolute Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. Strange Ghosts
  • 2. Drifters
  • 3. 1848
  • 4. A Different Heav'n
  • 5. Bloom
  • 6. A Mi Alrededor
  • 7. The Devil's Black Wool
  • 8. The Wanderers and Their Shadows
  • 9. De Humo
  • 10. Stone Castles