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If you can tell us of another record label that has done more in the past 6 years than Run For Cover Records, we’re going to assume that you made that label up, because it’s impossible.

We couldn’t be more excited to feature Run For Cover Records in our latest Label Drop. For a limited time, you can get some of their essential releases on a wide range of formats. Don’t miss out on this chance to support one of the best labels putting out some of the best releases.

The Breakdown Artists represented in this bundle take home about 70% of your purchase!
Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
Downloads of 10 full length albums!
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“Raging, distorted, crashing and plain, old brute songs such as "Spoiled", "Bad Apple" and "Covet" pull no punches as Basement showcases their usual-grit. Fisher's long-drawn delivery works well over each track and they've inculcated some touching songs such as "Pine" and "Breathe" to add a more endearing balance to the record. The dynamic of the record is superb with a great blend. "Comfort" is aptly titled as it offers the most calming and soothing feel before the album's bookend.”
– PunkNews

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  • 1. Whole
  • 2. Covet
  • 3. Spoiled
  • 4. Pine
  • 5. Bad Apple
  • 6. Breathe
  • 7. Control
  • 8. Black
  • 9. Comfort
  • 10. Wish
Tigers Jaw
Tigers Jaw

“There are two sides to Tigers Jaw: the upbeat guitar-driven indie rock side and the deeper more melancholic side, both of which are explored in the opening track, "The Sun." It begins with a few open chords and then slows down into a more sorrowful sounding track, where singer Adam McIwee's cries of "What about your friends? Do they make you happy?" tear a hole through a listener's heart.”
– Absolute Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. The Sun
  • 2. Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine
  • 3. I Saw Water
  • 4. Chemicals
  • 5. Between Your Band and the Other Band
  • 6. Heat
  • 7. I Was Never Your Boyfriend
  • 8. Meals on Wheel
  • 9. Arms Across America
  • 10. Never Saw It Coming
Modern Baseball
You’re Gonna Miss It All

“If you’re in this emotionally combustible state, you’ll relate to You’re Gonna Miss It All directly and deeply. If you at least recognize it in retrospect, you can just as easily appreciate its wealth of infectious songs that are both sharply observed and sharply written.”
– Pitchfork

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  • 1. Fine, Great
  • 2. Broken Cash Machine
  • 3. Rock Bottom
  • 4. Apartment
  • 5. The Old Gospel Choir
  • 6. Notes
  • 7. Charlie Black
  • 8. Timmy Bowers
  • 9. Going To Bed Now
  • 10. Your Graduation
  • 11. Two Good Things
  • 12. Pothole
Pity Sex
Feast of Love

“Feast of Love is a record that finds Pity Sex as part of an unintentional "moment" for slack, sexualized indie rock. So the initial temptation is to think of it as reactionary-- is it possible that these bands are interested in a reclamation of 90s indie rock ideals at a time when “indie rock” rarely means “guitar rock”…”
– Pitchfork

See tracklist
  • 1. Wind Up
  • 2. Keep
  • 3. Drown Me Out
  • 4. Smoke Screen
  • 5. Hollow Body
  • 6. Sedated
  • 7. Honey Pot
  • 8. Drawstring
  • 9. St. John's Wort
  • 10. Fold

“Magnolia is an enjoyable, easygoing affair with a handful of creative nuances scattered about…Magnolia is practically a watershed moment for these guys, pulling Turnover from the pop-punk ghetto and branding them with a far stronger and more unique identity that's pleasing to listen to unfold.”
– Alternative Press

See tracklist
  • 1. Shiver
  • 2. Most of the Time
  • 3. Wither
  • 4. Seedwong
  • 5. Pray for Me
  • 6. Bloom
  • 7. Hollow
  • 8. To the Bottom
  • 9. Like a Whisper
  • 10. Flicker and Fade
  • 11. Daydreaming
Hostage Calm
Please Remain Calm

“Hostage Calm’s ambitious fusion of punk swagger with soothing pop melodies is dependent on Chris Martin’s voice, which Robbins delicately balances. The progression the Connecticut quintet has made over the years is dazzling, as it'd be hard for one to believe that this band started out as a hardcore act. Please Remain Calm's weaves intricate modern stories amongst a dazzling display of musicianship.”
– Absolute Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. On Both Eyes
  • 2. Don't Die On Me Now
  • 3. Brokenheartland
  • 4. Woke Up Next To A Body
  • 5. Impossible!
  • 6. May Love Prevail
  • 7. The "M" Word
  • 8. Patriot
  • 9. Closing Remarks
  • 10. One Last Salute

“There’s a tendency in American culture to use foreign punk bands to gain insight to another nation’s political and emotional tenor, and that’s just not gonna work with Sweden’s Makthaverskan. Though a reaction to what they considered to be a conformist, “happy and cute” indie scene in Gothenburg, II is an interior and personal record of constricted scope, occurring entirely within Maja Milner: in her blood, in her head, in her body, in her room.”
– Pitchfork

See tracklist
  • 1. Antabus
  • 2. Asleep
  • 3. Slowly Sinking
  • 4. Something More
  • 5. Outshine
  • 6. Drömland
  • 7. No Mercy
  • 8. Distance
  • 9. Volga
Creative Adult
Psychic Mess

“While San Francisco ragers Creative Adult recall the Circle Jerks and the scene's intoxicated 1980s heyday, the five-piece actually formed to navigate away from the hardcore sound of their previous bands, Life Long Tragedy and Purple Mercy. 'Psychic Mess', recorded in Montreal with Godspeed You! Black Emperor's Efrim Menuck, ploughs back to California through Portland and Washington, via Fugazi and The Wipers.”

See tracklist
  • 1. Control My Eyes
  • 2. Charismatic Leader
  • 3. Flash
  • 4. Far Out
  • 5. Half Way
  • 6. Hyper Aware
  • 7. Public Transit
  • 8. Psychic Message
  • 9. Deep End
  • 10. Everyone Knows Everyone
  • 11. Exposed
  • 12. Haunt
Pulling Chain

"Anne’s proper debut LP - “Pulling Chain” leads a dark and dirty dance oozing with gothic sexuality. Combining vibing, moody synths with thumping electron- ic back beats, Pulling Chain marks a change in form as frontman David Lindell continues Anne into electronic territory. His vocals dip and tease between a lusty, bellowing baritone and a playful falsetto. Maintaining post-punk rhythmic tendencies and stepping out of the reverbed cloudiness of previous work, Lindell emerges with a collection of songs that carry a grinding, primal urgency."

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  • 1. Modestly / Grandfather
  • 2. Disruption of the Power Process
  • 3. Guarnieri
  • 4. Terms
  • 5. Concession
  • 6. Blonde Men
  • 7. Blessings
  • 8. Interruption
Various Artist
Mixed Signals Compilation

A compilation of unreleased and exclusive tracks from some of Run For Cover’s finest.

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  • 1. Polar Bear Club - Killin' It
  • 2. Balance And Composure - Seahorses
  • 3. Tigers Jaw - Distress Signals
  • 4. Hostage Calm - The "M" Word
  • 5. The Menzingers - Irish Goodbyes
  • 6. CSTVT - Bassett St.
  • 7. Daylight - Cursed
  • 8. End Of A Year Self Defense Family - I've Got An Idea...
  • 9. Daytrader - Texts And Tomes
  • 10. Make Do And Mend - Coats
  • 11. The Tower And The Fool - Die Alone
  • 12. The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - To The Janitor, To The King