The Appleseed Cast

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Throughout the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, there were few bands who were pushing the limits of the independent music scene than Lawrence, Kansas quartet, The Appleseed Cast.

Their catalogue is groundbreaking. Their influence is still apparent. And their legacy is unmatched. We’re excited to launch our Artist Legacy Drop series with one of our favorite bands and a massive selection from their discography. Visit The Appleseed cast online, on facebook, and on twitter.

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
6 digital albums + Bonus tracks!
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The Appleseed Cast
The End of the Ring Wars

"Subtlety is not a word in Appleseed Cast's musical vocabulary. Every moment of the band's latest full-length effort, The End Of The Ring Wars, is wrought with raw emotion and passion. Whether expressed through aggressive, post-hardcore riffs, woeful guitar interludes or frontman Christopher Crisci's strained, yet powerful vocals, the band's message remains crystal clear: Sometimes life is a bitch, but the only way to deal with it is to hit back with equal force. The Kansas quartet distinguishes itself by using dynamic song structures (sometimes incorporating piano and saxophone melodies), hurricane-force rhythms and ultra-vivid lyrics to paint bold portraits of Crisci's pain."

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  • 1. Marigold & Patchwork
  • 2. Antihero
  • 3. On Sidewalks
  • 4. Moment #72
  • 5. Stars
  • 6. December 27, 1990
  • 7. The Last Ring
  • 8. 16 Days
  • 9. Dreamland
  • 10. Portrait
  • 11. Untitled 1/2
The Appleseed Cast
Mare Vitalis

"On Mare Vitalis, The Appleseed Cast continues to wring sorrow and melancholy for all it¹s worth, shaking free some lovely guitar-heavy instrumental droplets in the process. The axes go from delicate minor key embroidery to big crashes of thunder, while the vocals break in occasionally to elaborate on the sad, slow-drawn scenes. The total effect is a little emo, a little old-style prog and a little post-rock. Great."

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  • 1. The Immortal Soul of Mundo Cani
  • 2. Fishing The Sky
  • 3. Forever Longing The Golden Sunsets
  • 4. Mare Mortis
  • 5. Santa Maria
  • 6. Secret
  • 7. And Nothing Less
  • 8. Poseidon
  • 9. Kilgore Trout
  • 10. Storms
The Appleseed Cast
Low Level Owl: Vol 1

"Low Level Owl is a supernova and a full redefinition of The Appleseed Cast...a sprawling two-disc monster that redirects their ambition from the emotional release of their earlier albums into the meticulous conceptions crafted through endless hours of studio time. Overhauling their sound and incorporating a wide melange of styles, the technical execution throughout the album is flawless. Just the arrangement of the music alone shows the amount of thought that goes into an album of this size. There are hints of Stone Roses, My Bloody Valentine and Built to Spill - all embedded a lush wave of production reminiscent of the Flaming Lips, Spiritualized or Mogwai. With Low Level Owl, they establish their own unique vision for the future of rock, offering hope and brighter possibilities for the genre...or rather, creating their own. It's time to herald The Appleseed Cast for what they are now, and what they're about to become: ground breaking."
– Pitchfork

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  • 1. The Waking of Pertelotte
  • 2. On Reflection
  • 3. Blind Man's Arrow
  • 4. Flowers Falling From Dying Hands
  • 5. Messenger
  • 6. Doors Lead To Questions
  • 7. Steps And Numbers
  • 8. Sentence
  • 9. Bird Of Paradise
  • 10. Mile Marker
  • 11. Convict
  • 12. A Tree For Trials
  • 13. Signal
  • 14. View Of A Burning City
The Appleseed Cast
Low Level Owl: Vol 2

"Once again, the Appleseed Cast have released an incredible and moving record with Low Level Owl: Volume II that really can make my hair stand straight up on my neck. I still can't get over how well this album's songs flow so perfectly. The texture and rhythms contained in these songs is astounding. The band produces some of the most soothing and beautiful music I have ever heard in my life.The mood, together with the epic landscapes, are so surreal it's utterly scary to think how people could produce something this good. I had a feeling after Volume II was done that I didn't want to end. You will not find any better indie releases then Low Level Owl: Volumes I and II this year."
– United Front

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  • 1. View Of A Burning City (reprise)
  • 2. Strings
  • 3. A Place In Line
  • 4. Shaking Hands
  • 5. Rooms And Gardens
  • 6. Ring Out The Warning Bell
  • 7. Sunset Drama King
  • 8. The Last In A Line
  • 9. Decline
  • 10. The Argument
  • 11. Reaction
  • 12. Confession
The Appleseed Cast
Lost Songs

"Positioned halfway between The Appleseed Cast's older emo-core style and the more experimental directions of their recent triumphant double CD, Low Level Owl: Volumes 1 and 2, Lost Songs rescues and refurbishes four tracks from 1999 and mixes them together with five brand new recordings. The album succeeds best when the Lawrence KS quartet breaks free from the shackles of their past and sets the controls for the heart of the space rock sun. Singer / guitarist Christopher Crisci sounds more plangent, more pleading, and more convincing cast amidst the swirling guitar textures and dynamic rock flourishes of songs such as Facing North or the driving acoustic guitar maze of Beach Gray. All in all, another excellent release from one of the most adventurous indie bands."
– Big Takeover

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  • 1. E To W
  • 2. Peril Parts 1, 2 And 3
  • 3. Novice
  • 4. Facing North
  • 5. Take
  • 6. State N W / K
  • 7. House On A Hill
  • 8. Beach Gray
  • 9. Novice Ambient Cannibalization
Hundred Hands
Little Eyes

"There are few people in the world who can construct lush soundscapes quite like Aaron Pillar and Christopher Crisci of The Appleseed Cast, and here we find Pillar fronting Hundred Hands, conjuring up six more tracks of shimmering melodies on Little Eyes for the more plaintive among us to sigh and weep to. This is top quality stuff, and the production is rich and full, with their twinkling finger-picked guitars and gently swaying arrangements captured beautifully."
– Kerrang

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  • 1. A Replay
  • 2. Spider Eyes
  • 3. Farewell
  • 4. Broken Boy
  • 5. Washed Away
  • 6. Sunday
The Appleseed Cast
Bonus Rarities

Rare tracks from the extensive Appleseed Cast catalogue taken from a range of releases to round out this artist legacy offering.

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  • 1. "Remedios The Beautiful" from the Split with Planes Mistaken For Stars / Race Car Riot
  • 2. “Max" from A Million Miles Away: The Emo Diaries: Chapter Two
  • 3. "The Spider Wall" from Deep Elm’s Unreleased Vol. 2