The Emo Diaries

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Between 1997 and 2011, there was no better way to discover new bands than through Deep Elm’s long-standing compilation series, The Emo Diaries.

Highlighting the best bands in the scene, Deep Elm took blind submissions from over 10,000 bands to find the very best songs from then undiscovered bands like Jimmy Eat World, Further Seems Forever, Siamian, and Planes Mistaken For Stars, producing 12 chapters of mixtapes you could only dream of receiving from your latest crush.

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
All 12 albums from the critically-acclaimed collection
MP3 and FLAC formats
Tissues not included
Chapter 1
What’s Mine Is Yours

"Even the Tin Men of the hardcore scene used to wish they had a heart. Nowadays, tho', the Wizard has granted them the niche sound of emo-core, a loosely defined group of bands that many believe have been undeservedly ignored. What is emo-core, you ask? Well, it's basically a lot like hardcore 'cept that the sound is a little mellower, the themes are more focused on loss than pure anger, and they have a new compilation on Deep Elm. WHAT'S MINE IS YOURS has flow. Flow is that evasive quality that most comps lack -- a strong overall consistency that supersedes the tendency to say: "well, tracks one, four and seven rule, and six and three are ok, but two, five and eight suck, man." It's 12 tracks include strong appearances by Samiam, Jejune, Triplefastaction and Red Level, to name a few. It's music that still possesses a rawness that flaunts the battle scars of touring proudly. A good intro to the genre and a must-have for the fan."
– Pitchfork

See tracklist
  • 1. Jimmy Eat World - "Opener"
  • 2. Camber - "Sunday Brown & Green"
  • 3. Race Car Riot - "The Last in 4000"
  • 4. Lazycain - "Stupid Maybe Still"
  • 5. Pave The Rocket - "Zone"
  • 6. Samiam - "Ordinary Life"
  • 7. Rain Still Falls - "Beginner Swimmer"
  • 8. JeJune - "Hialeah"
  • 9. Triple Fast Action - "I Want To Know"
  • 10. Red Level - "Turn It On"
  • 11. Only Airplanes Count - "Kings Do Not..."
  • 12. Pohgoh - "Friend X"
Chapter 2
A Million Miles Away

"Your prayers have been answered. Chapter Two is with us. Chapter One was the best compilation ever produced, Chapter Two is also the best compilation ever released. It starts off with a truly tear-jerkingly beautiful emo-rock ballad from Pop Unknown and then eases with pure blessedness into The Appleseed Cast. You may not have heard of many of these bands, but once you've heard one track by them, you'll want everything they've ever recorded. Deep Elm have bestowed upon the world another collection of life-affirming music and Chapter 3 is on the way. Oh boy..."
– Fracture

See tracklist
  • 1. Pop Unknown - "Writing It Down For You"
  • 2. The Appleseed Cast - "Max"
  • 3. The Blacktop Cadence - "Cold Night In Virginia"
  • 4. Brandtson - "Holly Park"
  • 5. Shooters & Senders - "The Wrath"
  • 6. Buford - "After Dark"
  • 7. The Jazz June - "S.E.G."
  • 8. Plain - "Life Without Ambition"
  • 9. Magstatic - "Somedays"
  • 10. My Favorite Citizen - "Kayla Learns To Dance"
  • 11. Strike Force - "Nova"
  • 12. The Miracle of 86 - "Teenage Unity Song"
  • 13. Tess Wiley - "Delicate Skin" (Bonus)
Chapter 3
The Moment of Truth

"This is emo, what music should be all about. Get all of these. Each album is incredible! Some bands you may have heard of, some obscure you'll die to find. I just listened to all the Diaries albums in a row, and it's pretty fascinating to see the way that this documentation of the emo style has changed just in the past two or so years. It seems that this style of music has evolved significantly, in part reverting back to its hardcore routes and also spreading outside our humble home, proving that America doesn't hold the only license to powerful, emotional rock. I don't think ANY compilation album will be quite as good as the first chapter of The Emo Diaries, with the second Emo Diaries close behind. Deep Elm is the best label out there."
– Delusions of Adequacy

See tracklist
  • 1. Starmarket - "Last Verse"
  • 2. Planes Mistaken For Stars - "The Past Two"
  • 3. Penfold - "Microchip"
  • 4. Saddest Girl Story - "VW Keychain"
  • 5. Cross My Heart - "Hearing Things"
  • 6. Sweep The Leg Johnny - "New Buffalo"
  • 7. Schema - "Vanishing"
  • 8. Ultramagg - "One Thousand Directions"
  • 9. Speedwell - "Pacifique"
  • 10. Psara - "Christopher Columbo"
  • 11. Biblical Proof of UFOs - "Cigar"
  • 12. Chase Theory - "Pharaohs & Kings"
  • 13. Epstein - "Right Hand Rule"
  • 14. Last Days of April - "Nothing's Found"
Chapter 4
An Ocean of Doubt

"Deep Elm's fourth showcase of all-things emotional is just as good as its predecessors, if not better. The emo-core movement has taken its fair share of stick for emerging as the 'new man' of the hardcore genre. However, there is no time for any teary-eyed introspection here, as Five Speed tear through 'What's Our Dilemma' with tight riffing a la Shades Apart, while Sweden's coolly-monickered Keystone Sinatra bring to mind a youthful Quicksand, which is no bad thing. The UK contingent is represented with Spy versus Spy's impassioned 'Set The Spokes Alight.' An inspiring case of geek rock turned all the way up to 11."
– Kerrang

See tracklist
  • 1. Five Speed - "What's Our Dilemma"
  • 2. Red Animal War - "Backbreaker"
  • 3. The John Doe Band - "Supergirl"
  • 4. Ed Matus' Struggle - "Distance"
  • 5. Aina - "Rolling Snowball"
  • 6. Further Seems Forever - "Vengeance Factor"
  • 7. Keystone Sinatra - "Twenty1"
  • 8. The MovieLife - "Valens"
  • 9. Spy Versus Spy - "Set The Spokes Alight"
  • 10. ODG - "Corners"
  • 11. Merrick - "Milk And Lots More"
  • 12. Flux Capacitor - "Sasshe"
Chapter 5
I Guess This Is Goodbye

"One of my favorite labels come out tops again with another amazing chapter to their ongoing Emo Diaries series. This one's just as good as the last one but has The White Octave on it who are absolutely stunning. Other bands rocking my world and this comp are Sunfactor, who always amazes me how better they seem to get, Eniac, who play the emo thing for a while before jumping up and grabbing you with an absolute stunner of a hook, and Cast Aside, who manage to sound emo yet scary at the same time with dueling male and female vocals with screams and growls popping up all over. As you should already know these comps feature exclusively unreleased tracks and are well worth your money. I should say something bad about this, otherwise everyone's going to think I'm on the Deep Elm payroll!"
– Waxface

See tracklist
  • 1. The White Octave - "Looking Past Sky"
  • 2. Slowride - "Daydreams Of A Future"
  • 3. Reubens Accomplice - "You Do It Awfully"
  • 4. The Walt Lariat - "6:00AM in Cortona"
  • 5. Sunfactor - "Frostbite"
  • 6. Eniac - "I'll Never Get Home"
  • 7. Benji - "All At Once"
  • 8. Kerith Ravine - "Two Empty Bottles"
  • 9. Cast Aside - "Racecar Theory"
  • 10. Billy - "Accentuate"
  • 11. The Others - "For Good"
  • 12. The End of Julia - “Landmine"
Chapter 6
The Silence In My Heart

"Deep Elm's long-running compilation series The Emo Diaries spotlights young bands from around the world, culling the best from the genre. On Chapter Six: The Silence In My Heart, there are bands like Barcode, who contribute one of the best songs, 'Kent' - a declaration of faith in a path always slipping out of reach that ends with a lovely, meditative coda. Strong selections also come from the grungy Hangin' On a Thread and Naht, in the violin-driven Way Not Stand Against You. Nearly every track is solid and meets their goal of emotional fulfillment."
– Splendid

See tracklist
  • 1. Southpaw - "Hub"
  • 2. Lewis - "Everything's Changed"
  • 3. Benton Falls - "Tell Him"
  • 4. Stuart - "2:1"
  • 5. Dear Diary - "This Year's First Snow"
  • 6. Barcode - "Kent"
  • 7. Hangin'On A Thread - "Flavour"
  • 8. Andherson - "Wellspent"
  • 9. Honesuckle Serontina - "Stoopid"
  • 10. Naht - "Way Not Stand Against You"
  • 11. Dead Red Sea - "Even If There's A Chance In Hell"
  • 12. Desert City Soundtrack - "Left You For..."
Chapter 7
Me Against The World

"The twelve bands on The Emo Diaries Chapter Seven: Us Against The World continue the fine tradition of showing off the best in the genre, and given the exclusivity of the material, this is one heck of a compilation. The first band, Tabula Rasa serves as a rocking kick-start, but the next third of this disc is really where the music elevates itself to the highest level: Dorian, Halifax Code, Drive Til Morning and Seven Head Division all contain loads of tension in their music. Some do it with soaring vocals, others with guttural screams, but overall, each band places the intricacies of passionate music in the forefront. My favorite comes from Waterpistol, whose song jumps out as strong and confident with loads of aggression. All in all, another winner from Deep Elm."
– Paste Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. Tabula Rasa - "The Effects That Try"
  • 2. Time Spent Driving - "Lowlight"
  • 3. Before Braille - "Venom By Memory"
  • 4. This Beautiful Mess - "Racing The Mosaic"
  • 5. Dorian - "There Are Many Ways To..."
  • 6. Halifax Code - "Karate Mansions"
  • 7. Drive Til Morning - "Engine Roars Me To Sleep"
  • 8. Seven Head Division - "One For The Money"
  • 9. Waterpistol - "This Is What I Get"
  • 10. The Killing Suspense - "Feel The Way I Do"
  • 11. Two Weeks From Tomorrow - "Motorbike"
  • 12. One Starving Day - "Animus"
Chapter 8
My Very Last Breath

"Here is the eighth chapter of The Emo Diaries and it is the most impressive one of the series. There are bands from Sweden, Canada, USA, Switzerland and even Brazil, and this is a great way to learn about bands from all over the planet. Among the twelve that I was most impressed with were A Season Drive, The Solo Project, Slow Coming Day and Down-To-Earth Approach. Still, I think that any band on this album deserves to be heard by more people, and it would be nearly impossible not to mention everyone. The Emo Diaries: My Very Last Breath is a good resource for finding new, talented bands."
– Truepunk

See tracklist
  • 1. Kelly8 - "Superstud"
  • 2. Long Since Forgotten - "Just Listen"
  • 3. Fading Fast - "White For Poison, Black For Purity"
  • 4. Logh - "Guided Tour Of A Dead Man's House"
  • 5. Down-To-Earth Approach - "Fourth Rung..."
  • 6. Hateen - "Danger Drive"
  • 7. The Colour Blue - "Of Our Disregard"
  • 8. The Day Action Band - "Regret"
  • 9. A Season Drive - "No Air"
  • 10. The Solo Project - "Dreams Like Knives"
  • 11. The Home Team - "Let Go"
  • 12. Slow Coming Day - "A Mere Accident"
Chapter 9
Sad Songs Remind Me

"Take a look at some of the up and coming bands that have been featured on previous chapters of The Emo Diaries; Jimmy Eat World, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Further Seems Forever and a plethora of other talent. Give Chapter Nine, Sad Songs Remind Me, a year or two, brush it off again, and I bet dollars to donuts that a good portion of the bands showcased on this album will be indie mainstays. Just about every song on this record is fantastic and I hope we get to hear more from all of these guys in the near future."
– Last Life Media

See tracklist
  • 1. So Sad Althea - "As I Fall Apart"
  • 2. Michael - "Finish Line"
  • 3. Surrounded - "High Five Hiero"
  • 4. Iamuse - "As The Summer Pass Us By"
  • 5. The Local Art - "Karenaihana"
  • 6. The Paper Champions - "Ask Emma"
  • 7. La Pieta - "More Of The Sky"
  • 8. Settlefish - "When The Light Becomes Green"
  • 9. Avec - "The Last Injection"
  • 10. Milton Mapes - "Big Cloud, Big Sky"
  • 11. At The Close Of Every Day - "High School..."
  • 12. The National Anthems - "My Picture"
Chapter 10
Our Home Is A Deathbed

"After a long stint, The Hope I Hide Inside is the 10th and final chapter of The Emo Diaries, a series of compilations infamous amongst emo kids. Deep Elm handpicked the unreleased tracks, and the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Sweep The Leg Johnny and The Movielife have all graced an Emo Diaries CD throughout the years. Exiting on a high, Chapter 10 takes a nod to the future with the likes of The Holiday Plan and the melodically delicious Oliver, along with Lock and Key and Sounds Like Violence. Go on...complete your collection."
– Rock Sound

See tracklist
  • 1. Oliver - "Straightest Jacket"
  • 2. My Name Is Nobody - "Brother Abel"
  • 3. The Holiday Plan - "Projecting Power"
  • 4. Sounds Like Violence - "The Light Is..."
  • 5. A Month Of Somedays - "Forever Mine"
  • 6. Chasing Victory - "How Would It Phase You?"
  • 7. Lock And Key - "Crow's Nest"
  • 8. Hercules Hercules - "Red Makes White"
  • 9. Lukestar - "Alpine Unit"
  • 10. Latitude Blue - "On The Corner"
  • 11. Lost On Purpose - "Friends"
  • 12. The Silent Type - "Jus Primae Noctis"
Chapter 11
Taking Back What’s Ours

"Three years after Deep Elm retired the Emo Diaries, it looks like the label is ready to make some well deserved "Taking Back" pot shots and rescue one of the most overused terms in music from Silverstein, make-up and MySpace. Almost every track on Chapter 11 seems to draw influence from Deep Elm's roster, with sonic similarities to Cross My Heart, Camber and the Appleseed Cast popping up everywhere. While You Were Gone's 'Hey Lola', a pop punk gem delivered with all the earnestness of classic Pollen, is easily the strongest selection while Panel's passionate aping of Planes Mistaken For Stars is another stand-out. Taking Back What's Ours serves up some strong examples of non-Victory Records emo."
– Exclaim!

See tracklist
  • 1. Above Them - "Change Your Views"
  • 2. This Drama - "Tiger Meets Lion"
  • 3. While You Were Gone - "Hey Lola"
  • 4. Knockout Kings - "Question Everything"
  • 5. Andy Tanner & His Grand Piano - "The Ghostman"
  • 6. The Crash Engine - "The Sky Retreats"
  • 7. The Decoration - "Progress, Not Perfection"
  • 8. I'm Fashion, You're Victim - "Until Vendettas..."
  • 9. Young Hearts - "Never Give Up, Never Give In"
  • 10. The City Beautiful - "The Dangerous Crowd"
  • 11. My Awesome Compilation - "Eyes On The Prize"
  • 12. Panel - "It's Airborne!”
Chapter 12
I Love You But In The End I Will Destroy You

"Strong female vocalists fare well on Emo Diaries 12 - I Love You, But In The End I Will Destroy You, as the record kickstarts on a good key with Dedicated To Dedications, and wraps up on a calming note with the closing track by Summer Hours. Another strong female contender: Everlyn, with the song Stars. The rest of the record seems to focus on and play around the familiar formulae of emo punk rock ­ not that punk rock music lovers should complain in any way. Other highlights include Goonies Never Say Die's instrumental number, which seems to tear the listener's soul at various emotional levels; and Collapse Under The Empire's almost 5 minutes of bliss on Anthem Of 44 for fans with the likes of shoegaze and alternative gernres (amberhaze and I Am David Sparkle). Also, did I not mention? I love the album title."
– Power Of Pop

See tracklist
  • 1. Dedicated To Dedications - "Strange..."
  • 2. Arms Around The Stereo - "It's Good To..."
  • 3. The Dandelion War - "Wonders"
  • 4. The Sky Life - "As We Speak"
  • 5. Ease The Medic - "Churchill's Down"
  • 6. Those Galloping Hordes - "Tow Or Flax"
  • 7. Everlyn - "Stars"
  • 8. Goonies Never Say Die - "Those Who Cross..."
  • 9. Late Night Condition - "Overcome"
  • 10. Nathaniel Sutton - "Far More"
  • 11. Collapse Under The Empire - "Anthem of 44"
  • 12. Summer Hours - "Still With Me"