The Menzingers Tour

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The Menzingers fourth full-length album, Rented World, is arguably the catchiest punk rock record released in the last decade and the band is hitting the road to prove it live and loud.

The Rented World Tour will hit almost every major US city during it’s 31 show trek and feature an amazing lineup. Tickets are on sale now. We suggest you buy one now or prepare for some serious heartbreak missing out on this one. This Free Tour Drop includes 2 songs from each band featured on the Rented World Tour including The Menzingers, Lemuria, PUP, and Cayetana.

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Included In Digital Bundle
2 songs from each band featured on the Rented World Tour
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The Menzingers

Tracks courtesy of Epitaph

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  • 1. “I Don’t Want To Be An Asshole Anymore” from Rented World
  • 2. “The Talk” from Rented World
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  • 1. “Brilliant Dancer” from The Distance Is So Big
  • 2. “Chihuly” from The Distance Is So Big

Tracks courtesy of SideOneDummy

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  • 1. “Guilt Trip” from PUP
  • 2. “Reservoir” from PUP

Tracks courtesy of Tiny Engines

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  • 1. “Hot Dad Calendar” from Hot Dad Calendar
  • 2. “Ella” from Hot Dad Calendar