The Native Sound

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The Native Sound might be a newer, boutique record label from New York, but that didn’t stop them from teaming up with indie veterans, John Vanderslice and Koji, for their first two releases.

We’re excited to feature the first chapter of The Native Sounds lifespan. Get every one of their releases now and be ready for all of the things to come out in the bring future of this label.

The Breakdown Artists represented in this bundle take home about 70% of your purchase!
Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
Downloads of 47 songs from 8 different releases!
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John Vanderslice
Song For Clay Miller, with Vitas At Wimbledon

"As is Vanderslice’s tendency, “Song For Clay Miller” is a simple and profound pop song nearly overtaken by various eccentricities. But even under the stratum of swirling effects, whimsical organ, and the hum of mechanical drum beats, Vanderslice’s earnestness and heartfelt vocals manage to resonate the most intensely.”
– Consequence of Sound

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  • 1. Song For Clay Miller
  • 2. Vita At Wimbledon
Matters EP

"Koji is going back to the beginning with this one. Matters, the newest EP from the singer-songwriter, sounds more like old Koji, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The EP was recorded at Studio 4 just outside of Philly in Conshohocken, PA.”
– Thrilladelphia

See tracklist
  • 1. Hemlock
  • 2. Like We Do
  • 3. Placeholders
  • 4. Matters (of the Heart and Mind)
Halloween Dream EP

“Kristina Esfandiari used to sing for Bay Area shoegaze greats Whirr, but she separated from that band to forge her own path as Miserable. “Bell Jar,” a preview from Miserable’s Halloween Dream 7-inch, is far more harrowing than anything Whirr kicked out. It starts out a bit like Deftones at their most lugubrious.”
– Stereogum

See tracklist
  • 1. Bell Jar
  • 2. Orchid
  • 3. Spinning
  • 4. Halloween Dream
Divino Niño
Pool Jealousy

"Pool Jealousy is a simmering mid-tempo affair, filled with diaphanous melodies" ... [on "It's Been Like It Never Used To Be"] "a pretty, delicate little thing with much of the sound harkening out to western prairies and cowboy campfires"
– Chicagoist

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  • 1. Lara Jones
  • 2. Man of the Sea
  • 3. Wicked Man
  • 4. Moonlight Girl
  • 5. Pink Diamond
  • 6. Pool Jealousy
  • 7. Bottle Demon
  • 8. It's Been Like It Never Used to Be
  • 9. Initials LV
  • 10. Nadando
  • 11. I've Seen You Crying
  • 12. Marta
Grey Zine

“Like the aforementioned Whirr, their pals Nothing, or Pity Sex, Grey Zine make the kind of droning shoegaze that feels more rooted in punk and metal than indie pop. It's heavy on the atmosphere, heavy on the distortion, and pretty good stuff.”
– Brooklyn Vegan

See tracklist
  • 1. Repent
  • 2. Fast Cloud
  • 3. Penny Royalty
  • 4. Losing Sleep
  • 5. Hopesfault
  • 6. Bottom Feeder
  • 7. Ground Swell
  • 8. Destitution
Mother Room

“Mother Room takes on a lo-fi experimental sound that is menacing and heavy. “Debt Collector” features a cacophony of Meulerners’ vocals, screaming guitar, repetitive and thumping bass and guitar, and a consistent rhythm that feels identical to a racing heartbeat. It’s a dark and enthralling song that will leave you aching for just a bit more. One thing’s for sure: this nearly three-minute tease of what’s to come from Mother Room is a refreshing and absolutely captivating piece of music.”
– The Bay Bridged

See tracklist
  • 1. I
  • 2. Debt Collector
  • 3. Sin
  • 4. Body
  • 5. II
  • 6. Flood
  • 7. Bull Shark
  • 8. Whole
  • 9. Revelations
  • 10. III
King Woman
Dove / Found Affections

“Returning to her solo outing moniker of King Woman, Kristina Esfandiari (ex-Whirr, Miserable), makes a comeback with the new cassingle Dove / Fond Affections. Building on the haunting folk of 2013’s Degrida / Sick Bed single, “Dove” is a slow-burning, muscular, and above all, monstrous song. Clocking in at over 15 minutes, it is by far the most emotive of Kristina’s recent compositions.”
– The First Five

See tracklist
  • 1. Dove
  • 2. Found Affections
Some Small Way

"Most of the five songs on Some Small Way have been heard by Koji fans by now, either on his Spring Songs EP or at live shows. The opening track, "Eating Lemons", was on that Spring Songs EP, but hearing the studio version should be a priority for Koji fans. His voice sounds phenomenal in the studio, exemplifying shades of some of the best indie rock vocalists of recent memory while remaining unique and unheard.”
– Absolute Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. Eating Lemons
  • 2. Waking Up
  • 3. Stay
  • 4. Windows (Live)
  • 5. Color Quiet Loud