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If you’ve spent any time on Soundsupply, Topshelf Records shouldn’t be a stranger to you.

They’ve quickly become one of the most consistent and most impressive independent labels releasing new music. To say this is a must-have is an understatement. Get these 10 amazing albums on your favorite high-quality digital formats or beef up your record collection with the ultimate Vinyl bundle.

The Breakdown Artists represented in this bundle take home about 70% of your purchase!
Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
All 10 albums on your choice of Digital or Vinyl
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Pianos Become The Teeth - Old Pride
Pianos Become The Teeth
Old Pride

“Baltimore's Pianos Become The Teeth cleverly combine elements of screamo, hardcore and post-rock with compelling 8-track release, 'Old Pride'. Beginning with 'Filial' and 90's emo-like guitars before erupting into what sounds like Thursday, at their most chaotic. What follows is a mixture of screams, that at times dominate over well thought out melodies, that bring a sense of grandness.”
– Alter the Press

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  • 1. Filial
  • 2. Quit Benefit
  • 3. Sleepshaker
  • 4. Prev
  • 5. Pensive
  • 6. Cripples Can't Shiver
  • 7. Jess and Charlie
  • 8. Young Fire
toe - For Long Tomorrow
For Long Tomorrow

“Toe runs a great balancing act avoiding the pitfalls that have plagued many bands of the same genre, expanding on their strengths and creating new ones they will be a band to watch. With dashes of Tortoise, Pele and a unique sound all their own, Toe is moving forward with another exciting album while their counterparts wallow in their stagnant sound to be forgotten in the years to come.”
– First Order Historians

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  • 1. ここには何もかもがあるし、何もかもがない
  • 2. ショウシツ点よ笛
  • 3. After Image
  • 4. エソテリック
  • 5. Say It Ain't So
  • 6. Two Moons
  • 7. モスキートンはもう聞こえない #1
  • 8. モスキートンはもう聞こえない #2
  • 9. ラストナイト (Album Version)
  • 10. グッドバイ (Album Version)
  • 11. You Go
  • 12. Our Next Movement
  • 13. Long Tomorrow
Into It. Over It. - Twelve Towns
Into It. Over It.
Twelve Towns

“On the whole, Twelve Towns is an attentive collection with good amount of variation to please both new and old fans. From the sturdy full-band moments to the intimate solo points, it’s clear Weiss is a strong and sensible song-writer who truly cares about his craft. On Twelve Towns, he has used his experiences on the road valuably, resulting in a concise collection songs that are beneficial for both fans and Weiss himself.”
– Under The Gun Review

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  • 1. Nashville, TN
  • 2. Orlando, FL
  • 3. Brenham, TX
  • 4. Cambridge, MA
  • 5. Summerville, SC
  • 6. Westmont, NJ
  • 7. Augusta, GA
  • 8. Buffalo, NY
  • 9. Billings, MT
  • 10. Portland, OR
  • 11. Washington, DC
  • 12. Pontiac, MI
  • 13. Brenham, TX (Acoustic)
  • 14. Pontiac, MI (Acoustic)
  • 15. Billings, MT (Acoustic)
  • 16. Augusta, GA (Acoustic)
  • 17. Portland, OR (Acoustic)
Wild Ones - Keep It Safe
Wild Ones
Keep It Safe

“Things weren't always so wild for the Wild Ones. On the way to completing their debut album, Keep It Safe, the Portland sextet's guitarist suffered a blown-out eardrum and their drummer wound up with a punctured lung. Also, they damn near went broke. But you're not likely to sense that in "From Nothing," a springy song with only the slightest down-turned corners. The melodic grace of singer Danielle Sullivan is undeniable, while the band's mix of buoyant synth-pop and familiar indie-rock keeps things moving ever forward.”
– SPIN Magazine

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  • 1. Golden Twin
  • 2. Curse Over Me
  • 3. Rivals
  • 4. 18 Mile Island
  • 5. It’s Real
  • 6. Row
  • 7. Nina
  • 8. From Nothing
  • 9. Lion Heart
  • 10. Paia
  • 11. Keep It Safe
Crash of Rhinos - Knots
Crash of Rhinos

“Make no mistake, Knots is emo as hell and a reminder that the term evolved from “emotional hardcore.” It’s an album of real stakes and bone-deep commitment, where any honest interaction, of mind, body, or soul, is preferably full-contact.”
– Pitchfork

See tracklist
  • 1. Luck Has A Name
  • 2. Opener
  • 3. Everything Is
  • 4. Interiors
  • 5. Sum Of All Parts
  • 6. The Reason I Took So Long
  • 7. Impasses
  • 8. Mannheim
  • 9. Standards & Practice
  • 10. Lean Out
  • 11. Speeds Of Ocean Greyhounds
Enemies - Embark, Embrace
Embark, Embrace

“Musically, Enemies are at the top of the game on Embark, Embrace, and absolutely fantastic, diverse instrumentation can be heard throughout the entire record.”
– Absolute Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. Intro
  • 2. Executive Cut (feat. Conor Adams)
  • 3. Unit Shifter
  • 4. Beacher
  • 5. Indian Summer
  • 6. Coral Castle
  • 7. Nighthawks (feat. Heathers)
  • 8. Moesha
  • 9. Love Unlimited
  • 10. Northwest (feat. Oisin Murphy)
Caravels - Floorboards

“Caravels unleash an incredibly dense and yet thoroughly interesting, non-specific blend of brooding, modern hardcore, '90s screamo temperament and gloomy, lumbering post-rock elements with their five-song EP, Floorboards. It's a progressive and circuitous sound offering few hooks to satiate early or even later listens, but it's a rewarding investment all the same.”
– Punknews

See tracklist
  • 1. Iceland
  • 2. Greenland
  • 3. Buddy System
  • 4. Sixty Acres
  • 5. Meatwave
  • 6. Safety Jobs
  • 7. Dark Obsession
  • 8. Snake Plissken
  • 9. Good Enough
We Were Skeletons - Blame & Aging
We Were Skeletons
Blame & Aging

“Blame & Aging is filled to the brim with music that you can feel resonating in your bones for days on end. Simultaneously visceral and contemplative, We Were Skeletons represent a nearly forgotten genre’s still beating heart.”
– Dying Scene

See tracklist
  • 1. Ruined Wasted
  • 2. Long Night
  • 3. King Of Tricks
  • 4. The Buried Seat
  • 5. Blood Tongue
  • 6. Disease Artist
  • 7. End All Suffering
  • 8. Blame & Aging
  • 9. Appear, Disappear
  • 10. Slow Death
  • 11. Tremors
  • 12. Pain Is Not The Cleanser
  • 13. Haunting the Ghost
By Surprise - Mountain Smashers
By Surprise
Mountain Smashers

“Over in Boston, Massachusetts, Topshelf Records are quietly (or loudly, depending on perspective) putting out quality release after release, records that remind people why they like music in the first place. ‘Mountain Smashers’ is one such album. The first full-length from New Jersey band By Surprise, it’s the sound of shy bookish-types given guitars and told to raid indie record stores for obscure inspiration.“
– Alter The Press

See tracklist
  • 1. Books By Thoreau
  • 2. Realometer
  • 3. Mostly Harmless
  • 4. Last Chance to See
  • 5. Photoshoot
  • 6. Fountain Splashers
  • 7. $600 Exorcism
  • 8. So Long and Thanks for All the Shark Jaws
  • 9. Daggermouth is Playing at My House
  • 10. Hanging Out With Wendy In Sulikland
  • 11. Direct Loans
You Blew It! - Keep Doing What You’re Doing
You Blew It!
Keep Doing What You’re Doing

“If this is the music that speaks to you, here is where the action now is. So, forget the emo revival—this is about two subsets of rock fans being pushed together by aspirational emo bands reaching beyond their niche on one side and the eclipse of traditional indie by mainstream pop on the other. Keep Doing What You’re Doing marks the precise point where these audiences meet, get drunk, and turn it up.”
– Pitchfork

See tracklist
  • 1. Match & Tinder
  • 2. Award of the Year Award
  • 3. Strong Island
  • 4. Regional Dialect
  • 5. House Address
  • 6. A Different Kind of Kindling
  • 7. Rock Springs
  • 8. You & Me & Me
  • 9. Grey Matter
  • 10. Better to Best