You Blew It! Tour

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You Blew It! Tour
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Make a date with America's sweethearts, You Blew It!

Are you ready for all of your dreams to come true? You Blew It! have read your dream journal and are coming to your town to play some of their sweet, sweet jams while celebrating their upcoming EP, Pioneer of Nothing.

Not to be lonely on the road, they'll be bringing along the always incredible Tiny Moving Parts and Rozwell Kid. Grab some free music and buy some tickets, folks.

This tour is present by our friends at JUKELY. If you like going to shows and discovering bands, you have to check out what they're building.

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
6 tracks to get you pumped about the tour.

Featuring You Blew It!, Tiny Moving Parts, and Rozwell Kid.

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You Blew It!

Tracks courtesy of Jade Tree and Topshelf Records

New EP "Pioneer of Nothing" out January 27th! Pre-order at Jade Tree now!

See tracklist
  • 1. Lanai from Pioneer of Nothing EP
  • 2. Better to Best from Keep Doing What You're Doing
Tiny Moving Parts
Tiny Moving Parts
See tracklist
  • 1. Always Focused from Pleasant Living
  • 2. Skinny Vessels from Pleasant Living
Rozwell Kid
Rozwell Kid
Infinity Cat / Broken World Media

Tracks courtesy of Infinity Cat and Broken World Media

See tracklist
  • 1. "Baby's First Sideburns" from upcoming EP
  • 2. "Halloween 3.5" from Too Shabby