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For 12 years, Cleveland indie rock band BRANDTSON was an emotional force on both stage and recording. Some remember them for their lauded harmonies, while others remember them for their Wes Anderson-inspired lyrics and song titles. We here at Soundsupply are happy to help make sure everyone continues to remember, and celebrate, their contribution to the independent music world.

With the help of Deep Elm and The Militia Group, we’ve assembled the entire discography of Brandtson, and for a limited time are making it available to download in high quality formats for an unmistakably low price. Enjoy!

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Letterbox (1998)

(Deep Elm Records) "Letterbox features all the hallmarks of the emo sound: the approach is moody, the dynamics extreme, and the lyrics painfully honest. Song titles like 'Nineveh' and 'Glutton For Tragedy' show that the band also possesses a poetic sensibility. The album's first track 'Round 13' commands the listener's attention with an attack slightly reminiscent of early Social Distortion. "Blindspot" continues the favorable impression with a six-eight groove seemingly borrowed from Weezer's depressed twin brother. This is a great album..." - Pitchfork

  • 1. Round 13
  • 2. Blindspot
  • 3. Words For You
  • 4. Still Life
  • 5. Days End
  • 6. Nineveh
  • 7. Strand
  • 8. Cloudless
  • 9. January
  • 10. Glutton For Tragedy
  • 11. Untitled


The Fallen Star Collection (1999)

(Deep Elm Records) "Songs like "Long Walk Home" and "As You Wish" are gut-wrenching attestations of the crumbling personal relationships that everyone has had to (or will) endure in their lifetimes. On these tracks, the boys of Brandtson seem like sensitive sorts, allowing their guitars to soothe the troubled with a vibrant tone of understanding. Fallen Star Collection is an emotionally charged audio encounter." - Splendid

  • 1. As You Wish
  • 2. Breaking Ground
  • 3. Potential Getaway Driver
  • 4. Things Look Brighter
  • 5. Summer In St. Claire
  • 6. Shannon Said
  • 7. Fighting Gravity
  • 8. Waking up To Yellow
  • 9. Long Walk Home
  • 10. Probably Nothing
  • 11. New Favorite Pastime


Trying to Figure Each Other Out EP (2000)

(Deep Elm Records) "There's something about Ohio's Brandtson that sets them apart from the chasing pack. The broody quartet have that magical spark that turns a good song into a deeply moving experience. The rich guitar weaving of Myk Porter and Matt Traxler together with the gorgeous vocal harmonies and Porter and drummer Jared Jolley grow into full-on distorted riffage on the likes of 'Bricks and Windows' and the diary-honest lyrics lend an instant appeal to the entire affair. Yet another band destined for greatness." - Kerrang

  • 1. Sic Transit Gloria (Glory Fades)
  • 2. 12th & Middle
  • 3. Leaving Ohio
  • 4. Boys Lie
  • 5. Grace Thinks I'm A Failure
  • 6. Bricks And Windows


Dial In Sounds (2002)

(Deep Elm Records) "Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Dial In Sounds takes Brandtson's signature vocal harmony to another level and cranks up the intensity with beautiful guitars and a crystal clear mix that lets Jared Jolley's drums hold a perfect rhythm. No one plays with that Midwestern flare, thick sound or beautifully harmonized vocals that Brandtson has mastered. Dial In Sounds should elevate Brandtson to the level where their name appears right between Weezer and Jimmy Eat World." - Message From The Homeland

  • 1. Mark It A Zero
  • 2. The Rookie Year
  • 3. With Friends Like You
  • 4. Some Kind Of Jet Pilot
  • 5. Cherokee Red
  • 6. Command Q, Command Z
  • 7. Guest List
  • 8. Anything And Everything
  • 9. Little Rounder
  • 10. Fireworks And Phonecalls


Death and Taxes EP (2002)

"Edgy emo pop is where Brandtson have found themselves with this Death & Taxes. Catchier than previous offerings, this could earn the Cleveland boys' fanbase a healthy dose of followers. The chunky, energetic notions purveyed in You Do The Science and On Three bind well with the heartfelt crooning of In The Pills. Upbeat and fresh, Ain't No Trip To Cleveland is a generous helping of charming guitar pop and only enforces the reasoning that you can't go wrong with this record." - Rock Sound UK

  • 1. You Do The Science
  • 2. On Three
  • 3. Circa 1991
  • 4. In The Pills
  • 5. Ain't No Trip To Cleveland
  • 6. In A Word


Split with Camber (2003)

(Deep Elm Records)

  • 1. Brandtson - "Dead Animals"
  • 2. Camber - "Dealt"
  • 3. Camber - "I Could Not Care Less"
  • 4. Camber - "Goodbye Mr. Spalding"


Send Us A Signal (2004)

“It's hard to tell if Send Us A Signal will finally grant Brandtson the popularity they are entitled to, but it does help cement their credibility. There are obvious notes taken from the Get Up Kids, thanks to the appealing traces of Ed Rose, who returns once again. Despite that and the earlier comparison the assessments to Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids, Sense Field and their many other peers are no longer mandatory as they've garnered what it takes to be a standout in a scene that's in desperate need of a glass of water to dry its hoarse throat. Brandtson is ready for the next level, the new found diversity has sparked this band and that same variety makes this album a must have for any fan of rock music this year.” -PunkNews.

  • 1. Who Are You Now?
  • 2. Drawing A Line In The Sand
  • 3. Throwing Rocks Tonight
  • 4. Escapist
  • 5. Just Breath
  • 6. C'Mon Fascista
  • 7. Mercy Medical
  • 8. Blindspot
  • 9. Mexico
  • 10. Margot
  • 11. Over And Out
  • 12. The Bottle And The Sea


Hello Control (2006)

(The Militia Group) “Out of that box we find this Cleveland quartet creating Hello, Control which finds itself easily clumped into an “experimental” album. With a newfound electronic sound, accompanied by singing guitars and drums, throughout this album we see Brandtson focusing more on the hooks and the melody. Yes, we all know those lovely hooks that catch us and keep us humming them over and over again even when the song is well over. Well, it is the melodic hooks on this album that stick out and become a vital piece of each song.” -Decoy Music

  • 1. A Thousand Years
  • 2. Nobody Dances Anymore
  • 3. Denim Iniquity
  • 4. Here We Go
  • 5. Earthquakes and Sharks
  • 6. Tapping the Vain
  • 7. Cold War
  • 8. Parallels
  • 9. Stop Machine
  • 10. Friend or Faux?
  • 11. Lie to Me
  • 12. Goodnight Sweet Prince
  • 13. The Secret


Deep Elm’s Unreleased No. 1 (2001)

(Deep Elm Records) "With a label like Deep Elm where quality runs extremely far into the roster, it's not surprising that they were able to assemble this compilation of unreleased tunes from some of their more recent signings and a few of their more established acts. One of the smarter elements of this record is that there's ten songs...just the right amount of music for a compilation of this nature. Planes Mistaken For Stars cranks things loose with their fiery tune, Blinders. Red Animal War and the always awesome Brandtson keep the rock flowing; the latter crafting my favorite tune on the album. Brandtson's unique attachment to strong pop-sensibilities, but dark thoroughfare makes for some heavy songwriting. Starmarket, Dead Red Sea and This Beautiful Mess provide the solid finish that this disc needs. If you like Deep Elm or if you're looking to find out more, you'll dig Unreleased No. 1." - Pastepunk

  • 1. Planes Mistaken For Stars - "Blinders"
  • 2. Red Animal War - "Last Train Out"
  • 3. Brandtson - "Optimist Club"
  • 4. Triple Fast Action - "All Better Now"
  • 5. Pop Unknown - "New Found Friends"
  • 6. Five Eight - "Skin Deep Pretty"
  • 7. Starmarket - "Hated"
  • 8. Dead Red Sea - "Ice Skating"
  • 9. This Beautiful Mess - "Unsuitable For Any Melody But Yours"


Emo Diaries Chapter 2: A Million Miles Away (1998)

(Deep Elm Records) "Your prayers have been answered. Chapter Two is with us. Chapter One was the best compilation ever produced, Chapter Two is also the best compilation ever released. It starts off with a truly tear-jerkingly beautiful emo-rock ballad from Pop Unknown and then eases with pure blessedness into The Appleseed Cast. You may not have heard of many of these bands, but once you've heard one track by them, you'll want everything they've ever recorded. Deep Elm have bestowed upon the world another collection of life-affirming music and Chapter 3 is on the way. Oh boy..." - Fracture

  • 1. Pop Unknown - "Writing It Down For You"
  • 2. The Appleseed Cast - "Max"
  • 3. The Blacktop Cadence - "Cold Night In Virginia"
  • 4. Brandtson - "Holly Park"
  • 5. Shooters & Senders - "The Wrath"
  • 6. Buford - "After Dark"
  • 7. The Jazz June - "S.E.G."
  • 8. Plain - "Life Without Ambition"
  • 9. Magstatic - "Somedays"
  • 10. My Favorite Citizen - "Kayla Learns To Dance"
  • 11. Strike Force - "Nova"
  • 12. The Miracle of 86 - "Teenage Unity Song"
  • 13. Tess Wiley - "Delicate Skin" (Bonus)

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