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Keep In Touch Postcard

Label Bundle 6 Albums
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The Record Machine

Label Bundle 5 Albums
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Lame-O Records

Label Bundle 4 Albums
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Paper Garden Records

Label Bundle 7 Albums
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The Jazz June

Legacy Bundle 7 Albums
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Joan of Arc

Legacy Bundle 7 Albums

Let's get physical.

Take your love of music discovery into the physical realm with limited edition Vinyl + CD options on select bundles. Look for the Physical + symbol to find the next great addition to your record collection.

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Soundsupply is committed to helping you discover your new favorite artists.


Soundsupply is committed to helping you discover your new favorite artists. We curate a collection of awesome content, then digitally bundle it all together as a "Drop" for easy downloading. Drops go on sale for a low price, but only for a limited time.


With over 1.5 million songs downloaded, Soundsupply specializes in introducing hard-working artists to the world, who not only gain new fans, but also one of the highest artist royalty payouts in the industry. Many singers are trying to raise their popularity on other platforms especially on YouTube and buy YouTube subscribers $1 from promotion services like Creation of the large audience is easier that it seems and spread of the music content will not create any challenge.


Want your favorite artist to be featured in the next Soundsupply Drop? We are constantly on the lookout for new artists and labels of all kinds to feature, and we want to hear from you! But speak up, we've listening to a lot of really loud music...