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Included In Digital Bundle
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Doom Loop

“Doom Loop, is quintessential Seattle rock: Loud, fuzzy, angry, and intelligent."
– SeattleMet

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  • 1. Climbers
  • 2. Flowers In My Teeth
  • 3. Two Suits
  • 4. La Dentista
  • 5. Out For Blood
  • 6. The Economist
  • 7. If You're Leaving
  • 8. Last One In
  • 9. 100 Degrees
  • 10. Falling Down
You Blew It!
Keep Doing What You're Doing

"Now, a band like You Blew It! are poised to fill the role for frustrated listeners who can’t find loud, angsty rock'n'roll via traditional indie channels anymore. If this is the music that speaks to you, here is where the action now is. So, forget the emo revival—this is about two subsets of rock fans being pushed together by aspirational emo bands reaching beyond their niche on one side and the eclipse of traditional indie by mainstream pop on the other. Keep Doing What You’re Doing marks the precise point where these audiences meet, get drunk, and turn it up."
– Pitchfork

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  • 1. Match & Tinder
  • 2. Award of the Year Award
  • 3. Strong Island!
  • 4. Regional Dialect
  • 5. House Address
  • 6. A Different Kind of Kindling
  • 7. Rock Springs
  • 8. You & Me & Me
  • 9. Gray Matter
  • 10. Better to Best!
Moving Mountains
Moving Mountains

“More than anything, Moving Mountains feels complete. There’s finality to it. And between its self-titled status, the customary call-back to a fan favorite, and semblances to Dunn’s solo efforts, an all-too-possible reality becomes evident. Should such a reality come to be, Moving Mountains’ third full-length certainly has earned a spot on the mantel.”
– AbsolutePunk

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  • 1. Swing Set
  • 2. Burn Pile
  • 3. Hands
  • 4. Seasonal
  • 5. Eastern Leaves
  • 6. Hudson
  • 7. Under A Falling Sky
  • 8. Chords
  • 9. Apsides
American Radass (This Is Important)

“New Jersey duo, Dads, with their album American Radass show that they can dazzle our ears with intricate guitar melodies and melt our hearts with intense catharsis with the best of them.”
– Sputnik Music

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  • 1. If Your Song Title Has The Word “Beach” In It, I’m Not Listening to It
  • 2. Get to the Beach!
  • 3. Honestly, Chroma Q&A
  • 4. Aww, C’mon Guyz
  • 5. Shit Twins
  • 6. Grunt Work (The ‘69 Sound)
  • 7. Groin Twerk
  • 8. Big Bag of Sandwiches
  • 9. Bakefast at Piffany’s
  • 10. Heavy to the Touch (think about tonight, forget about tomorrow)
Football, etc.

“Football, Etc. could not have chosen a more appropriate name for this record. Audible encompasses a charm and allure reminiscent of bands like Slingshot Dakota and Run Forever, but what this Houston ensemble do, is unique in its own way. There's a simplicity, magical and pulling, into their music but more strikingly, into Lindsay Minton's lyricism and delivery.”
– PunkNews

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  • 1. Fair
  • 2. Goal
  • 3. Audible
  • 4. Hut 1
  • 5. Forfeit
  • 6. Extra Point
  • 7. Time Out
  • 8. Black Out
  • 9. Red Zone
  • 10. Turnover
  • 11. Return

“With a frontman who grew up alongside Into. It. Over It.'s Evan Weiss in the Progress and a drummer that spent years in Jena Berlin and Restorations, Philadelphia's Belgrade have fast established themselves as a band to watch.”
– Alternative Pressk

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  • 1. Shot and Pill
  • 2. Projection
  • 3. Truth Serum
  • 4. Birdswarm
  • 5. Protest
  • 6. Venice On A Map
  • 7. Lost In Time
  • 8. Worn Welcome
  • 9. Consolation Prize
The Kickstand Band
Puppy Love

“The Kickstand Band hails from Detroit, a town known for its contributions to the Motown, garage rock and punk genres. On their new single “Let’s Get Bored,” the group swirls all three into the same tune, winding up with a two-and-a-half minute blast of power chords, boy-girl harmonies and enough sugary hooks to spoil your Thanksgiving appetite.”
– American Songwriter

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  • 1. Still Thinking Of You Tonight
  • 2. So Long Suzie
  • 3. Boyfriend
  • 4. Purgatory
  • 5. Baby Picures
  • 6. Let’s Get Bored
  • 7. I Don’t Care
  • 8. Summerland
  • 9. How Long
  • 10. New Years Eve
Sainthood Reps

“On the surface, you can’t help but notice the obvious influence fellow Long Islanders Brand New have had on Sainthood Reps; after all, SR feature BN touring member Derrick Sherman on guitar, and both bands regularly collaborate with LI producer/creative guru Mike Sapone. That influence is apparent again on Headswell, Sainthood Reps’ second full-length, but the band branch out remarkably from there, seamlessly adding elements of ’90s grunge.”
– Alternative Press

See tracklist
  • 1. Shelter
  • 2. Desert Song
  • 3. The Last Place I Left You
  • 4. Drone
  • 5. Fall
  • 6. Run Like Hell
  • 7. Headswell
  • 8. Quitter
  • 9. Rapture Addict
  • 10. Breath Worth Breathing

“Cloakroom’s Infinity is a sound unlike any other, with its genre of stoner metal mixed with experimental sounds of midwestern emo and punk. The lyrics and vocals are somber, the arrangements haunting and balanced beautifully between nostalgia and originality.”
– Alter the Press

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  • 1. Sedimentary
  • 2. E
  • 3. Dream Journal
  • 4. Bendin
  • 5. Mind Funeral
Wishing Well

“Taking their name from a Jorge Luis Borges poem, Dreamtigers whip up a stomping, swirling sound, composed of equal parts folk-rock harmony singing and indie rock guitar playing. On their debut album, Wishing Well, the guys get a little help from their friends, with Polar Bear Club, Caspian and Balmorhea all making guest appearances. The real stars of the show, though, are songwriters Jake Woodruff and Andrew Gary, who formed the band in Boston several years back.”
– American Songwriter

See tracklist
  • 1. Just A Game
  • 2. Never Know
  • 3. Go Forth Alone
  • 4. Letting Go
  • 5. (Empty Roads Pt I)
  • 6. The Escapist
  • 7. The Smoke And Low
  • 8. So Long
  • 9. God Damn My American Heart
  • 10. Gone Away
  • 11. (Empty Roads Pt II)