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If Graham Greene started a melodic hardcore band, it would be next closest thing to capturing what Defeater has built so far in their 6 year run as a band.

Not content to just push the boundaries of creativity within the hardcore world, lyrically the band is streets ahead. Defeater is a concept band, which makes them a perfect artist to feature in a legacy Drop. Experience Defeater and their story through 4 amazing albums. Available in this limited edition Digital, CD or Vinyl bundle.

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Included In Digital Bundle
Included In Vinyl Bundle
Included In Digital Bundle
Downloads of all 4 Defeater albums!
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Included In Vinyl Bundle

Immediate digital bundle download plus 4 Vinyl records:

• Empty Days & Sleepless Nights (2xLP Marbled Purple - out of 1,000)

• Travels (Green with Black smoke - out of 1,000)

• Letters Home (White with Red Haze - out of 1,000)

• Lost Ground (2x7” Translucent Maroon - out of 1,000)


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Defeater - Empty Days & Sleepless Nights
Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

“Empty Days & Sleepless Nights proves that there's just enough leverage in the tale to provide a thrilling musical and lyrical novel, resulting in the band's most forceful and compelling effort yet.”
– Alternative Press

See tracklist
  • 1. Warm Blood Rush
  • 2. Dear Father
  • 3. Waves Crash, Clouds Roll
  • 4. Empty Glass
  • 5. No Kind Of Home
  • 6. White Knuckles
  • 7. Cemetery Walls
  • 8. Quiet the Longing
  • 9. At Peace
  • 10. White Oak Doors
  • 11. But Breathing
  • 12. Brothers
  • 13. I Don't Mind
  • 14. Headstone
Defeater - Travels

“How is it? In a word, brilliant. Defeater distances themselves from the crowded and often unoriginal hardcore scene by straying from the typical lyrical cliches and song structures that most bands are content with.”
– Absolute Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. Blessed Burden
  • 2. Everything Went Quiet
  • 3. Nameless Streets
  • 4. Forgiver Forgetter
  • 5. The City By Dawn
  • 6. Prophet In Plain Clothes
  • 7. Carrying Weight
  • 8. Moon Shine
  • 9. The Blues
  • 10. Debts
  • 11. Cowardice
Defeater - Letters Home
Letters Home

“Defeater manage to keep their storyline of an American family slowly being torn apart by World War II – and the horrors that come with it – largely intact, moving it along while using it as an allegory for more universal themes like death, loss, love and family tensions.”
– Punknews

See tracklist
  • 1. Bastards
  • 2. No Shame
  • 3. Hopeless Again
  • 4. Blood In My Veins
  • 5. No Relief
  • 6. No Faith
  • 7. Dead Set
  • 8. No Savior
  • 9. Rabbit Foot
  • 10. Bled Out
Defeater - Lost Ground
Lost Ground

“Lost Ground is easily one of my favorite releases of 2009 and most definitely my favorite EP of the year. If you have an open-mind for hardcore, I think it'd be a wise move to pick this up and support this awesome band.”
– Absolute Punk

See tracklist
  • 1. the red, white and blues
  • 2. the bite and sting
  • 3. a wound and scar
  • 4. home ain't never home
  • 5. singin' new york town
  • 6. Beggin' In The Slums